Top 6 Ways to Clean Carpet Without a Vacuum

Ways to clean carpet can be such a hassle, especially if there are restrictions on how you can clean. In most instances it would be great to use a vacuum, but what if you can’t afford it, or it makes too much noise?

Thankfully I can recommend 10 effective ways to clean your carpet using dry and wet cleaning methods. Both having pros and cons, dry and wet cleaning methods require certain circumstances of when you should use one of the methods to clean your carpet.

No matter the method is chosen, each of the dry and wet cleaning methods I suggest does not require the use of a noisy bulky vacuum.

Wet vs. Dry Cleaning Method

Two distinct and effective methods commonly used to clean a carpet are the dry and wet cleaning methods which are two highly effective methods in thorough carpet cleaning. The most known and used cleaning method is the dry method.

However, if you happen to have allergies, or wish to do a thorough deep cleaning, then the wet cleaning method is the recommended way to clean your carpet (Nielson, 2018). The wet cleaning method involves the use of hot water and/or low-moisture cleaning solvents.

Exactly as it sounds, the dry method is any form of cleaning that does not involve the use of water, shampoo, or foam to clean your carpet. I highly recommend the use of the dry method if your carpet is wall-to-wall, or made of delicate fibers.

The Dry and Wet Ways to Clean Carpet Broken Dow

The wet method is more capable of doing a deeper cleaning on your carpet eliminating bacteria, dust mites, and foul odors from your carpet. The main consideration of the wet method is that it requires you to allow the carpet time to dry after a cleaning (Nielson, 2018).

It doesn’t matter if your carpeting is wall-to-wall or covers a portion of one room, it is in your best interest to keep it clean by any means that works best for you, and your home.

According to Doug Bradford (2019), the CEO of Eco Interior Design, you can clean your carpet safely and effectively 95% of the time using dry or wet cleaning methods. The remaining 5% consists of accidental spills requiring spot cleaning using specific cleaning products compatible with your carpet’s material.

Wet Carpet Cleaning Methods

01. Spot Cleaning

Highly effective, and safest for carpets with long and short fibers, spot cleaning is a wet cleaning method I greatly recommend as it reduces the number of times you will have to do a whole carpet cleaning.

Sold at every home goods store, use a carpet brush with firm bristles to clean stains right after they occur using hot water and soap, stain erasers compatible with your carpet, or even hydrogen peroxide (Adams, 2017).

02. Encapsulating

Encapsulation is the use of a carpet cleaning chemical that is both a cleaning and crystallization agent which suspends the dirt, dust, and soil it comes in contact with the carpet (Nielson, 2018).

For maximum effect, I suggest using a carpet brush on the areas of the carpet you’re cleaning. This will agitate the entrapped dirt bringing it to the surface of the carpet to be swept up by a carpet brush or broom (Bradford, 2019).

Dry Carpet Cleaning Methods

Pick it Up!: This form of cleaning is self-explanatory, but not often employed. By picking up what is visible, such as wrappers, plastic, loose change, and anything else visible it’s guaranteed your carpet will look at best 30% cleaner (Adams, 2017).

Lint Roller & Tape: This last dry method of cleaning may sound silly, but I recommend using this form of cleaning as often as needed, especially if someone in your home has allergies.

Section by section, using a lint roller, or masking tape, is a great way to trap dirt, pet hair, your hair, and dust mites removing them from the carpet, without damaging the fibers (Adams, 2017).

Carpet Sweeper: More effective than a broom and dustpan, carpet sweepers are unable to reach dirt buried deep in the carpet. However, I do recommend using a carpet sweeper for surface cleaning, and carpets made of delicate material (High-Quality Carpet Cleaning, 2019).

Shake it Out: If you have an area carpet, and not a wall-to-wall carpet I greatly suggest the old-fashioned cleaning of taking your carpet outside to the patio, driveway, or simply the front lawn to shake the carpet out releasing the dirt from its fibers. Be sure to be facing away from the wind so the dirt will not blowback at you (Adams, 2017).

Anyone of these dry or wet cleaning methods is more than likely to get the job done cleaning your carpet making it look good as new instead of worn and dingy. They each have the benefits in how well they treat your carpet as you clean.

Just as they all are either limited, in how well they Ways to clean carpet depending on whether you want to use the dry method for a simple surface cleaning, the wet method for a deep carpet cleaning. Whichever cleaning method, and form, of cleaning you chose to be sure it is compatible with your carpet for the best result

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