Best 6 Tips For Utility Sink Faucet

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It is such a bummer when your faucet bog down when you have visitors and you need all the extra cleaning space there is in your home. When you were enjoying your time with your family, relaxing and you hear a hissing sound somewhere and as if the shower was running.

Only to find out that your utility sink faucet finally bogged down that day when everyone was supposed to be doing their thing, being relaxed and comfy.

Imagine how hard it is to find a plumber to take care of changing the faucet. And, all the time you will need to choose the right faucet replacement, which should be a faucet that is durable and high quality. You also need to find a utility faucet that is worth your money in the long run.

Top 6 Tips on Taking Care of Your Utility Sink Faucet

Place nothing on the faucet, anything of too much weight should not be kept hanging on the faucet head because the weight will bend the faucet and may cause it to be misaligned and not work as needed. It is also not advised to pull or turn the handle with force as this will cause some damage to your faucet.

Keep it clean. Cleaning your faucet is a must for its longevity. One way of cleaning a faucet is by using warm water, a cleaning cloth, and dish soap. Put some dish soap on the cleaning cloth and mix it with water, then rub on the faucet till it removes all the residues.

Some grime will be hard to remove and need more scrubbing to it. Rinse and then dry it with another clean cloth. Some people use natural ingredients that they can find in their kitchen like vinegar, lemon, or baking soda. This is easier if you don’t have any cleaning solution immediately available to use.

Disinfect your utility sink faucet. It is a must to disinfect with a cleaning solution, now and then to keep bacteria from thriving on it. Since we are using our faucet for different cleaning tasks, it is imperative to keep it germ-free.

Keep garbage or hazardous materials away from your faucet. It is unhygienic and unsafe to have garbage or chemicals to get in contact with your faucet. There should be a proper placement for garbage and chemicals alike.

Check and clean the aerator from time to time. Aerator also gets mineral and debris build-up as we use it for some time. There is a need for cleaning also, you can check this part of your faucet by removing the parts one by one (take care of the parts removed) and then you have to flush the parts with water and the screen cleaned with a bit of soap.

If there are hard water deposits though, you may soak it in a portion of vinegar for a few minutes. Rinse very well. Once you have cleaned it, reinstall.

Perform periodic checks and maintenance. It is a must-have to maintain. Because it works, that doesn’t mean there is no need to check it now and then. There are parts of a faucet that also need cleaning now and then, such as minor components or springs will also wear-in time.

It may need replacement after a few months of use. Check the model of your faucet first before you can buy any replacement of the parts.

What are The Distinct Utility Sink Faucets?

Wall mount faucet – where the handle and spouts are mounted to the wall. Best used if you have little space, to begin with. Very industrial in design. Durable and easy to use. This faucet is the usual faucet that is being used in most homes. This faucet is also affordable and will not clean your pocket.

Bridge Faucet – also has 2 handles for easy use. Great fit for any laundry or utility rooms. Most of the designs are cottage, traditional or colonial. The design is the most sought after edge of this faucet some designs are of copper, brass, chrome, bronze, or polished nickel or steel.

Two-Handle Faucet

This faucet can last longer, and there is less leaking. Best for laundry or even kitchen use. Since there are 2 handles, one is basically for controlling hot water and the other can control cold water making it easier to measure the temperature of the water.

Single-Handle Faucets

It is also good for a utility room, while some use it in the kitchen faucet. It is simple to use because of the easy maneuvering of the faucet handle. Some single-handle faucet comes with a sprayer and is also an excellent idea for utility and kitchen use.

Pull-Down Faucets

This one is also a popular choice for laundry or utility room. It is durable and can last for a lengthy period, making it the best choice for some homeowners. The price is expensive compared to the other type of faucet.

Pull-Out Faucet

This faucet has a short spout and a longer hose. Best used in the laundry room. Best used for a lot of hand washing, pan cleaning, and such because of the long hose. There are also many styles available for this faucet, such as farmhouse design or classic and contemporary style. You can easily find one in the style that you like.

Pre-rinse faucet.

Flexible spout and hose. Best for rinsing dishes, pans and such. Mostly installed in the utility room or laundry area. The pre-rinse faucet is best for bathing pets because of the flexible hose. There is no need to bathe pets inside the bathroom.

Connect only those fitted for your utility sink faucet. It is not advisable to connect a hose and another water device to your utility sink faucet. Use connectors and such that are fit for the utility sink faucet.

Always make sure that drains are unclogged. For you to use your utility sink faucet to its full capacity, always maintain it regularly and keep it clog-free. There are cleaning solutions in the market that you can choose from. Sink clogs from time to time because of frequent use.

If you are more of an eco-friendly warrior, you can use a nature-friendly product such as vinegar and baking soda to keep your sink from clogs and debris.

Check for lead-free faucet when you are replacing your utility sink faucet. In 2014, there is a certain amount allowed for a faucet and that is less than 0.25% lead, which was a tremendous decrease from the old law in 1986 which was 8%. Every manufacturer should follow this law. There are manufacturers nowadays who are eliminating the use of lead in their faucet to rid of the lead law issue.

Check for warranties. When buying faucets, most homeowners are only interested in the appearance and physical aspects of the fixture. Sometimes neglecting the part about warranties. Buyers should also check if there are any limited or lifetime warranties included when they buy the faucet.

When there are parts that suddenly got damaged, know the warranties first before you buy another replacement for your faucet. It is easier to contact the seller and ask about the warranty that stressing yourself where to buy parts for your faucet.

Buy a utility sink faucet that is easy on the budget. There are many models of sink faucets that you can find in the marketplace. Some just have an original design to boast of. Some are durable compared to other faucets but almost all have one specific use.

Be mindful of the features of each faucet and take into consideration how you will make use of it in your home, it should serve its purpose by making your life comfortable without shelling out money than you should.

Why does some utility sink faucet cost more than others?

  • They make some of the plastic making these types of faucet low priced.
  • Differ in durability, while some faucet can last for a few years, the durability of other low priced faucet may be in question.
  • They make some of brass, bronze, and copper, which makes a classy choice.
  • They make valves of brass and ceramic materials to complement the modern design of your home.
  • Smart feature design like touch or touchless. Some homeowners are after the high-tech features.
  • The flow of some faucets is more precise.
  • Superb design, that is why the cost may be pricier.
  • They customize some faucets. The design may depend on the preference of the buyer.


We have so many uses for our faucets hence, we also have to take into consideration its maintenance. Sometimes, just because we have spent so much to buy it doesn’t mean it will clean itself.

We also have to do our part to keep it working properly, after all, it is where we do most of the cleaning and rinsing dirty objects and articles in our home. By being mindful, we can stay away from the stresses of broken faucets.

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