Little Known Ways To Pressure Washer Water Pump

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Comfortable living conditions today can’t be imagined without an automatic washing machine, shower, and dishwasher. Few people know, but these devices will only work with normal water pressure in the water supply. You need a pressure washer water pump that will help increase the pressure of your water supply.

What indicators are considered normal, and why do we need a pressure washer in the apartment? The answers to these questions should be known to every owner.

Why Do We Need a Pressure Washer Pump

Not everywhere, utility infrastructure can provide water supply to the population, subject to all technical standards and conditions. For the normal functioning of household appliances, a pressure in the water supply network of at least 4 atmospheres is required.

Often in urban areas, an indicator of 1.5 atmospheres is achieved, and even then not always. Residents of the upper floors of multi-story buildings are particularly affected. At this pressure, it is impossible to use even a shower, not to mention the hydromassage or other devices.

What is the way out of this situation? It is impossible to affect the quality of the city water supply, but everyone can increase the pressure in a single apartment.

It is enough to install a pressure washer pump in the apartment that will not only help to increase the pressure in the water supply but also aid you in convenient cleaning. It is a device with a motor operating from a 220 V network. Inside, its body is an impeller connected to a rotor. The housing has an inlet and an outlet.

Which Pump To Choose?

If you get rid of the inconvenience associated with reduced pressure in the water supply, it is decided to use a pump to increase the water pressure in the apartment. You need to know how to choose it correctly. In this case, you need to understand that this device must have the following qualities:

  • Work must be uninterrupted. The device must work without overheating and shutdowns. These qualities are possessed by pumps of trusted companies with a good reputation.
  • The pressure in the system should not exceed 5 atmospheres, as this can lead to failure of the shutoff valves and gaskets in the valves.
  • The device should not be too expensive with unnecessary functions, but it is not recommended to buy low-budget models, as they require frequent maintenance and quick failure.
  • Pump performance must be appropriate to the needs of the family. If you plan to use several devices at the same time: a washing machine, shower, or dishwasher, then the throughput of the unit should be large.

Having decided on the main parameters, you can proceed to the selection of a specific model. All of them are classified according to several criteria. According to the operating mode, manual and automatic pumps are allocated to increase the water pressure in the apartment.

Units operating in manual mode are a bit cheaper, but they require more attention. This type of pump works continuously. You can only turn it off and on again manually.

For this reason, it crashes much faster since it develops its resources in less time. At the same time, most of the time it spins idly. To prevent this from happening, the pump must be turned on only as needed, which is not very convenient.

Automatic models are equipped with a flow sensor that responds to the movement of water in the system. When the mixer tap is turned on, the pump automatically starts to work, and when turned off, it stops. This greatly increases the resource of the unit.

Besides, such a pump will never turn on without water in the pipes, which prevents it from overheating and failure. This option is more economical in terms of energy consumption.

In addition to the above pumps that increase the pressure in the water supply system, a rotary pump station can be installed in the apartment. This is more serious equipment used in cases where water does not reach the upper floors at all.

Such stations are equipped with hydraulic accumulators into which water is pumped. They create enough pressure. When the tap is turned on, water begins to flow under pressure from the receiver into the system. Such units have large dimensions and are used only in extreme necessity or in private homes to create an autonomous water supply system.

How To Properly Install The Pressure Washer Water Pump

There is nothing complicated in installing the pump to increase the water pressure. To do this, it is necessary to cut a piece of pipe at the entrance to the apartment and attach reinforcement to the cut ends. For plastic pipes, a special soldering iron will be required, and metal fittings will have to be welded. After that, the pump is screwed to the pipes on both sides.

 Principle of Operation

The operation of the pump to increase pressure is based on an ordinary impeller, which, under the influence of torque and centrifugal force, pushes the water out of the inlet opening in the center of the impeller and gives out a volume of water on the outer diameter, where water is directed to the outlet of the pump.

The choice depends on where and for what conditions the pump will be used. If you plan to install in an apartment, then the most optimal indicator will be a pump with small dimensions and outlet pressure in the region of 3-4 atmospheres. Also, an important factor will be the noise level that the pump produces.


Pumps are divided into several types, both in the application and in the method of creating high pressure. Manual and automatic pumps cooled either by a stream of water (with a wet rotor) Pumps cooled by a fan at the other end of the rotor (with dry rotor)

Pumps to increase the water pressure in an apartment is usually represented by modified circulation, with a more powerful engine. They are distinguished from others by their small dimensions and very low noise level, which is practically indistinguishable from the level of background that is always present in any apartment.

The pump to increase the pressure at the cottage may not be so compact since, in some cases, it is necessary to work on sections of the water supply with almost zero pressure. They are often equipped with a hydraulic accumulator, depending on the model.

An electric water pump for increasing pressure is the most common option for pumps. Almost 99 percent of pumps use an electric motor to increase the pressure of water. The automatic pump for increasing water pressure incorporates a special flow sensor that responds to that. There is water flow or not.

At the beginning of the water analysis, the sensor is triggered, and the pump is turned on. A circulation pump to increase the pressure of water is one of the types of pumps that can work “to a standstill.” This is the name of the mode when the pump runs continuously, regardless of whether there is water flow or not.

A flow-through pump for increasing water also, according to the principle, refers to circulation pumps, without including a hydraulic accumulator in the network. Water can easily pass through the pump even when the pump is off. When water is turned on, the impeller starts working, which traps water and creates an increased pressure at the outlet.

Pumps to increase the pressure of hot water should ensure trouble-free operation at elevated operating temperatures. Reliability is ensured by the use of materials that are more resistant to high temperatures.

As a rule, the main pump manufacturers produce modifications for hot and cold water in one product, but there are also models that are adapted only for cold water. As a rule, they have a lower cost, but they can only be used in cold water.


The pump for increasing water incorporates a pump part and an electric motor. As a rule, depending on the characteristics of the pumps, they differ in the shape of the impeller and engine parameters. The pump part is enclosed in a sealed enclosure. The exact fit of gaps provides high performance.

How To Connect?

The pump for increasing pressure is connected by disconnecting at the beginning of the introduction of pipes into the house or apartment and using fittings. The pump is mounted on the pipe. The picture shows the installation diagram of the pump to increase the water pressure is simple:

A strainer is installed in front of the pump inlet, Then, depending on the diameter of the pipes and the fittings themselves, the diameters for the connection are combined.

Connection diagram of the pump to increase the pressure in the picture The connection diagram of the pump to increase the pressure, in principle, is universal, you need to choose a place to ensure the installation progress, and that’s it.


  • Select the right type of pump that will supply you with the
  • Use the right pressure
  • A good wear-resistant casing and reliable friction elements will last for a long time even with daily intensive use.
  • The higher this indicator, the faster it is possible to wash away the dirt and formed growths, increasing the efficiency and volume of work performed.
  • Give preference to a more economical option to reduce maintenance costs.
  • The pressure in the system should not exceed 5 atmospheres
  • Depending on the characteristics of the pumps, they differ in the shape of the impeller and engine parameters.

The popularity of pressure washer water pump is also explained by its ease of use, low cost, and a variety of types, as well as models. If you use high-pressure pumps for water when watering a summer cottage or garden, you can save a lot of personal time and effort.

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