Little Known Use About Pillows For Back Sleepers

What can be sweeter than a good sleep, and more pleasant than a good rest? It is the quality of these pillows necessary for our body that mood, ability to work and well-being depend on. For one to have a good rest and also ensure that the spine does not hurt, the use of pillows for back sleepers is mandatory.

Health is essential for a person; for this, you need to get enough sleep. Various pillows like orthopedic pillows are excellent helpers, help get rid of discomfort in the cervical region.

A pillow is universal bedding designed to comfortably support the head, neck, and spine during sleep. Sometimes it is used to fix the body in the correct position, is placed under the arms and legs. Pillows also play a decorative role in the interior – decorate bedding, sofas, armchairs, and poufs.

Convenience and practicality of the pillow depending on the filler, on the form, and the fabric for the cover (bedpan).

Varieties of Pillows for Sleeping

The pillow for sleeping should be comfortable. Among the very many types of pillows, there are three main types:

Traditional – ordinary soft pillows that simply support the head during sleep do not have special properties.

Ergonomic – equipped with a special support roller, repeat all the natural lines of the human body, but can interfere with posture changes.

Orthopedic – ultra-comfortable pillows that help maintain the human body in an anatomically correct position. Orthopedic pillows help prevent diseases of the cervical spine and spine and also serve as an effective treatment for various diseases of these parts of the body.

Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to the correct choice of mattress. This is undoubtedly very good. The only bad thing is that many forget to ask how to choose a pillow for sleeping. In the store, we superficially evaluate several attractive models and choose the one that the inner voice will point to, and it is often driven by our desire to save.

Is this the right approach? Not really, because with an improperly selected pillow, the properties of even the highest quality and the right mattress will appear only 80%. The result of regular sleep on the wrong pillow is a pain in the neck and back, headaches, and allergies.

Everyone knows how important it is to have a good rest during sleep. We no longer doubt that a high-quality anatomical mattress is not a whim, but a vital necessity. However, few people think about the importance of such an accessory as a pillow.

Think about it, would you buy a car with three wheels without the ability to supplement it with a fourth? It is unlikely because, in this case, the machine will not be able to fulfill its crucial function. The same thing happens when we acquire an anatomical mattress and do not supplement it with a quality pillow. In this case, the beneficial properties of the mattress will be manifested only by 80%.

How To Choose a Pillow To Ensure a Healthy and Full Sleep for Yourself and Your Loved Ones?

The first thing to note is that there are no right and wrong pillows; there are incorrectly selected pillows. Each person is an individual, and what is suitable for one may be unacceptable for the second.

Pillows differ in shape, height, rigidity, and type of filler. When choosing these parameters, you need to be guided by such factors as gender, age, shoulder width, preferred posture during sleep, the rigidity of the mattress.

The shape of the pillow

Pillows can have a classic shape, that is, rectangular/square or the so-called anatomical shape – with cushioned rollers. If you sleep on your side, a pillow with rollers of different heights will suit you, if on your back – a classic shape.

Square pillows are a thing of the past. Orthopedic specialists say in one voice that the pillow should not fall under the shoulders. It should support the head and cervical regions.

The height of the pillow

If you prefer to sleep on your side, the height of the pillow should match the width of the shoulder. To find out the width of your shoulder, use a ruler or a centimeter tape to measure the segment from the point of the base of the neck to the shoulder point.

If a person sleeps on his back or stomach, he needs a lower pillow than with asleep on his side. Also, the pillow for a man should be higher than for a woman.

For sleeping on the back, pillows 8-10cm high are suitable.

  • Those who prefer to sleep on the back and side are recommended pillows with a height of 10-13cm
  • For those who like to sleep on their side, pillows from 10-14 cm high are suitable
  • If you sleep on your stomach, choose the lowest models from 6 to 8 cm.
  • If the mattress is soft, then the pillow should be lower than when sleeping on a harder surface.

The stiffness of the pillow

The posture also determines the stiffness of the pillow during sleep. Those who are used to sleeping on their sides need a stiff pillow that supports their head and neck well. People who prefer to sleep on their backs can choose a pillow of medium stiffness, and those who like to sleep on their stomach need a softer pillow.

Cushion filler

Filler and cushion material is the most crucial parameter that you should pay attention to when choosing it. The supportability of the pillow, as well as the ability to ensure the correct position of your spine during sleep, entirely depends on their properties.

The highest quality fillers are latex, anatomical foam, and shape memory foam. They provide good head support and have excellent performance for a longer time.

Pillows made of feather, buckwheat husk, and other soft fillers to a lesser extent support the cervical spine, as they tend to crumble. Besides, it is recommended to change such pillows once every six months, since allergens and pathogens can form in them.

A properly selected pillow can significantly improve sleep quality and overall health. To choose the right pillow, you must:

  • Determine the habitual posture during sleep;
  • Measure the width of the shoulder (using a ruler or a centimeter tape,
  • you need to measure the segment from the point of the base of the neck to the shoulder point);

How To Choose The Right Pillows for Back Sleepers?

  • Height

The main parameter when choosing a pillow for back sleepers whether for adults or kids is the height. The height of any pillow should fit its owner in shoulder width. You can calculate your height by measuring the distance from the edge of the shoulder to the neck, then adding 1-2 cm to the result.

If you notice that you often sleep with your hand under the pillow, it means that it is too low for you. When sleeping on the side, the angle between the shoulder and neck should be 90 degrees.

  • Rigidity

Not only the height but the stiffness of the pillow should also be taken into consideration. So, for sleeping on your back, you need a pillow of medium hardness. Besides, it should be remembered that the softer the mattress, the stiffer the pillow should be to provide proper support for the head and neck.

  • Size and shape

The vast majority of pillows are available in two sizes: 70×70 and 50×70 cm, with the most popular pillows of format 50×70 cm. But, of course, there are also pillows for children and adolescents.

It should be noted that the size of the bed also affects the size of the pillow: you should not choose too large a pillow for a small bed, the length of the new pillow should not exceed the width of the mattress.

  • Design

By design, all pillows can be divided into two types:



  • The traditional type has been familiar to us since childhood – such pillows are made of natural or synthetic materials, do not have a stable shape, and do not provide pronounced support for the head and neck.
  • Ergonomic and orthopedic models are much more interesting. Ergonomic pillows follow the bends of the body: thanks to a special roller that supports the neck and a recess for the head, an ergonomic pillow relieves neck muscle tension and relaxes the cervical spine.
  • Orthopedic pillows are usually used by older people, as well as those with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Therefore they should be chosen even more carefully.

Currently, manufacturers produce a large selection of orthopedic pillows, various not only in size but also in shape: such pillows are often round, rectangular, in the form of rollers, and sometimes have recesses and protrusions.

So it is recommended ed buying an orthopedic pillow only after you try to lie on it, to be sure that its shape, height, and rigidity suit you.

We are sure that now you are well-versed and can choose the right pillow for back sleepers that is ideal for you. But still do not neglect the recommendations of specialists.

And do not be afraid that you will have to get used to the pillow for the first time: this is a normal phenomenon because at first, an unusual and useful organism can be perceived “with hostility.” But then your joy will have no limit: you will wake up with ease and a good mood!

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