Top 4 Things You Need To Know About Mattress Topper Covers

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A mattress topper cover is among the essential things that one must have in the bedroom. That is because the mattress topper is handy. As the name suggests, the mattress topper covers help in protecting the mattress topper and the mattress itself.

The topper cover usually sits on top of the mattress and the topper. Therefore your mattress and the topper will not be exposed to dirt and other things that may tamper with its lifespan. Exposing your mattress to elements such as dirt, scratches, and many more can affect its durability.

A mattress topper cover can be made of memory foam, quieted material, or latex. The thickness of the mattress topper ranges between 1 to 3 inches. Some mattress toppers have a cover while others are washable

Since washing a mattress topper can be an arduous task, it’s good to choose a suitable mattress topper cover that you can be cleaning efficiently. That is because the mattress covers are washable, and hence you won’t be having a hard time. In this article, we have researched some of the essential things you need to know about the mattress topper cover.

1.Guide To Choosing The Best Mattress Topper Cover

To protect your mattress topper, you need to know some tips that can help you choose the best mattress topper cover. That is because, without an excellent mattress topper cover, there are high chances that your mattress topper will not serve you well.

Below we have researched for you some of the top tips that can help you choose the best mattress topper cover. Those tips are;

Consider the material

Before you select any mattress topper cover, it’s crucial to consider the material used to construct the cover. Selecting a cover made of high-quality material, you will enjoy an improved lifespan.

If you need the best topper mattress cover, you need to choose the ones made of latex, wool, memory foam, and cotton. Therefore before you select any mattress topper cover, consider the pros and cons of the material used to construct it.

Consider Price

Price is another thing you need to consider when choosing an excellent mattress topper cover. The cost of the mattress topper cover depends on several factors. Some of those factors are such as the type of cover, the features, manufacturing method, and many more.

Therefore ensure the mattress topper cover that you choose is pocket-friendly. Avoid buying costly covers because they do not guarantee you the best quality. Choosing a reliable seller can give you a quality mattress topper cover at a reasonable price.


There is a need to consider buying a topper cover from the most reputable sellers or manufacturers. That is because a renowned manufacturer offers quality mattress covers. Therefore you need to inquire more about a particular seller or manufacturer to ensure their reputation is good.


The reviews are essential to anyone wishing to know more about a particular product. By reading a review of a specific mattress topper cover, you will be able to understand more about it. That is because you will know the features of the topper cover, pros, and cons.

By knowing all those things, you can know if the topper cover suits your needs. Since there are some fake reviews on some sites, you can research more to know if the reviews are genuine. By doing so, you will be sure that you are choosing the right mattress topper cover.


When buying a mattress topper cover, it is crucial to consider the thickness of the topper. That is because a topper with immense thickness provides more comfort. Therefore if you need to buy a topper cover, you need to consider the thickness of the cover. Ensure the cover will fit to cover your whole mattress.


Size is another very crucial thing to consider when choosing a perfect mattress topper cover. Selecting the wrong size will lead you to huge losses later. That is because the topper cover will not provide maximum comfort or protection to your mattress. You need to buy a mattress topper cover that is bigger than your bed size.

Some of the other essential things you need to consider before buying a mattress topper cover are such as the brand, customer support, and much more.

2.Benefits of Mattress Topper Cover

After choosing the best mattress topper cover, there are some benefits that you will enjoy. Therefore in this part, we shall discuss some of the top benefits of having the right mattress topper cover. Those benefits are;

Help to protect your mattress and topper

One of the main advantages of having a mattress topper cover is that it will help you to preserve your bedding. Leaving your mattress or topper uncovered, there are high chances of attracting dust particles and other kinds of dirt.

Although you may not see the dirt coming, you will realize it when washing the covers. Since things such as a mattress and the topper are not washable, getting an excellent mattress topper cover can help you protect your other bedding.

Makes your bedding to remain new

If you need to improve the lifespan of your bedding, it is essential to get a mattress topper cover. That is because the cover will absorb all the kinds of things that might reduce the lifespan of your bedding.

Things such as scratches, some liquid substances can affect the lifespan of your bedding when they come into contact. Hence choosing a mattress topper cover can help you maintain your bedding in new conditions.

Makes your bedding good for health

Untidy bedding can trigger conditions such as allergies. When dust and other particles come into contact with your topper or mattress, they may cause some allergic reactions.

People who are allergic to things such as dust should have a mattress topper cover to ensure they maintain a high level of hygiene for improved health. That is because the topper cover can are washable.


Comparing the price of the other bedding and the mattress topper cover, it is clear that the topper cover is the cheapest. Therefore to own a quality cover will not cost you a lot of money. Because of the best prices for the topper covers, many people prefer getting them to protect their mattress and topper.

Makes your bedroom more appealing

Have you been thinking about improving your bedroom outlook for a long time without success? Do not worry anymore because a mattress topper cover can help you make your bedroom more appealing. There are different types of mattress covers that contain attractive designs. You can choose the one with the decorations that you love most

Helps in protecting your warranty

It is essential to know that your mattress or topper warranty does not cater to stains, scratches, and other kinds of dirt that may occur as a result of leaving your mattress or topper uncovered. Therefore having a mattress topper cover can help you to protect your warranty.

Considering all the above-discussed benefits of mattress topper cover, having one is very crucial.

4. When Do You Need to Buy a Mattress Topper Cover?

For the people who have been asking if it worth buying a mattress topper cover, you need to know that many things can mess up with your bedding. Therefore the best way you can do to protect your bedding is by getting a mattress topper cover. Therefore you should get a mattress topper cover if:

You want to prevent bed bugs

Topper cover can help in preventing things such as bed bugs. That is because the cover will sit above your bed and therefore deny the bud bugs a chance to reach your topper, mattress, and other bedding. Thus in case, there are bedbugs, you will notice them quickly and prevent them from getting into your expensive linens.

If you have pets

Pets like cats, dogs, and others can make a mess up with your bed hygiene. That is because they might bring dirt particles from other places to your bed. For instance, if the pets make your mattress or topper untidy, it is hard to clean them. By getting a topper cover, you will be able to protect your bedding against pets.

When you live in an area with unfavorable weather

Some harsh weather conditions such as moisture can mess-up with your bedding easily. Therefore by having a topper cover, you will prevent things such as moisture, dust, and other things from messing up with your topper and mattress.

4.Types of Mattress Topper Covers

Finally, there are various types of mattress toppers covers. Below are some of the prevalent types of mattress toppers that you need to know. They include;

The encashment cover

If you need to prevent your mattress from being infected by bed bugs, the full encashment cover is instrumental.

The fitted mattress topper cover

For the best protection of things such as bed bugs, the fitted mattress topper cover are very useful.

Polyurethane mattress topper cover

The mattress topper cover mentioned above topper is soft and waterproof. The polyurethane is suitable to use in places with harsh weather conditions. They cannot allow moisture and other things related to weather to mess up with your bedding.

Therefore by considering the above-discussed things, you will know all the essential things about mattress topper covers. That is because you will know more about choosing the best mattress topper cover, the benefits of using the topper cover, when you need to buy one, and the common types of mattress topper cover.

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