10 Things You Have In Common With Garage Vacuum Cleaner

A garage vacuum cleaner is a good tool to keep your garage tidy. But do you know that you have something in common with the vacuum cleaners? You will get surprised when you find out that this is true. You may not notice it even if you use it regularly to clean up your garage. But if you were paying more attention to your vacuum cleaners, you will know exactly what you have in common for sure.

In this article, you will realize what you have in common with your vacuum cleaners. We have compiled these things to point it out to you. Then you decide which one is true between you and your vacuum cleaners.

10 Things You Have In Common With Garage Vacuum Cleaner

i. You’re Both Vacuum Cleaners

According to a meme, “If you clean a vacuum cleaner, you become a vacuum cleaner”. Technically, it’s true since you use your vacuum cleaner to clean. Therefore, if you clean it, you become the vacuum cleaner in that sense.

ii. You Both Suck Into Something

You’re not perfect in everything you do. Somehow, you also suck into something just like your vacuum cleaners. The only difference is it sucks the dirt and you suck in something. That makes you almost the same from your vacuum cleaner.

iii. You’re Both Into Cars

You and your vacuum are both into cars. The only difference is, you like cars figuratively. However, it’s literally on the vacuum’s perspective. Both of you make sure that the car is clean so that dust will not get stuck there. That way, it will look pretty and clean all the time.

iv. You’re Both Wonderful

Having a  vacuum cleaner is great and it’s a wonderful invention. It’s hard to imagine that you will use a broomstick while cleaning the garage. It’s going to get dusty all over the place. The same goes for you since you’re also a great and wonderful creation. It will be hard for other people if you are not around.

v.You Both Need Maintenance

Your vacuum cleaners need to get maintained to avoid it from giving up on you. It needs TLC (tender love and care) to make sure that it will last longer. The same goes for you since a person needs to take care of himself to function properly.

vi. You’re Both Powerful

You are a powerful being since you can do almost anything. All you need is to learn how to do what you need to do and you can already do it. It’s also true when it comes to your cleaner. It’s a powerful cleaning tool. It can even sanitize your garage as well as clean it.

vii. You’re Both Efficient

Having a vacuum cleaner can help you to clean your car and garage more efficiently. You just need to turn it on and it will start vacuuming all the dust and dirt all over your car garage. Since you are an efficient person as well, you know what you need to have in order to make cleaning easier for you.

viii. You Both Need Some Rest

Not just because you can do almost anything, you will not stop working. You need some rest so that you can do more. The same goes for your vacuum cleaners. It needs some rest after cleaning the entire garage. Make sure you turn it off to avoid accidents to happen as well. It will be a hassle if you don’t have your vacuum cleaner when you need to clean up.

ix. You’re Both Helpful

It’s really helpful to have a vacuum cleaner instead of just using the same vacuum from your house. Since it’s designed to clean your garage, it makes cleaning a breeze for you. By taking charge when it comes to cleaning the garage, it makes you a helpful person. Your family doesn’t need to worry about it anymore since you are taking care of it already.

x.You’re Both State of the Art

A  vacuum cleaner is a state of the art equipment for your garage. Same as you with your family. You have everything to become a great person and become an asset to everyone around you. Being able to become responsible with something can add up to your great qualities. Then you will also become a state of the art creation.

Do You Really Need a Vacuum Cleaner?

The answer to this question may vary. However, it’s been decades since most of the households used a vacuum cleaner to their homes. It should mean something don’t you think? Since almost everybody has a garage as well, it needs to get cleaned regularly. Although cleaning your living room is a different story when it comes to cleaning your garage.

That’s why there is a special vacuum for your garage. You can opt into a handheld vacuum cleaner or have it wall mounted. It depends on your preference what would it be. But if you want to keep up the cleanliness of your car garage, it’s best to get your vacuum cleaner for that.

Benefits of a Garage Vacuum Cleaner

  • Makes Cleaning Easier

Most car garage is full of other things so it will be hard for you to clean it without a  vacuum cleaner. Since you have your car inside, you have to drive the car out first before cleaning. But if you have the vacuum cleaner, you can vacuum hard to reach areas without moving out your car first. It can also make cleaning the entire garage without lifting up everything around.

  • It is Better for Your Health

Dust particles can cause allergic reactions especially if you directly inhaled them. It’s a healthier way to clean if you use vacuum cleaners since it can just suck up all the dirt and dust. Then it will safely go to the dirtbag for easy disposal. Your garage will also be more sanitized when you use a  vacuum cleaner. No need to sweep and mop over and over just to do a thorough clean of your garage.

  • Saves a Lot of Time

Cleaning can take a long time if you do it the traditional way. You also have to lift some heavy stuff from your garage to clean it thoroughly. Then lift them again to put it back into place. However, if you use a vacuum cleaner, you can just use its hose to suck up all the dirt and dust all over. It usually just takes a few minutes and you’re all set.

  • Helps People with Physical Concerns

Using a vacuum cleaner can help people who suffer from physical concerns. If you have back pain or a sore muscle, it’s hard for you to move much. Having a  vacuum cleaner can help you to clean up if it’s been days already since you do that. This way, you can still keep up the cleanliness of your garage even if you are not into your 100% physical health.

What’s the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

The VacMaster VWM510 is the vacuum cleaners according to the Reboot My Garage website. The main reason is that it is the only vacuum cleaners that have a remote control to switch it on and off. It’s a very convenient feature especially if you need to do something else. It also has a high Amazon rating.

Features of VacMaster VWM520

  • Remote Control

It’s the best feature of this vacuum cleaners. You can turn on and off even in a distance.

  • Portable and lightweight

It’s a powerful machine in a small package. You can carry it around in one hand.

  • Wall Mount Frame

If you have to clean up a specific room, you can attach it to the wall mount. It can make cleaning easier and convenient.

  • 21 ft Hose with 20 ft Cord

The long hose and cord can help you clean the hard to reach areas. You don’t have to stop cleaning to move this vacuum cleaner nearer.

  • Converts to Blower

After cleaning your garage, you can use this as a leaf blower as well. No need to get a different tool for that.

  • Clean Cars

It can also be used to clean your car. You can vacuum the seats and the car floor as well.


The garage vacuum cleaner got almost all the qualities that you have as a person. Although it is just a simple home appliance for other people, its values are priceless. The convenience it gives for having this to your home is worth the price that you will be paying for it. It’s also important that you compare the items if you decide to have your vacuum cleaners.

Since one size doesn’t fit all in this scenario, you can check the product that will help you make cleaning easier for you. This type of machine is for your convenience so make sure to find and get what will make your cleaning experience better.

81 / 100

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