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Disclosure Statement

Home Gears Blog is accepting forms of sponsorship, cash advertising, paid advertisements, and other related methods of compensation. Even though the owner of Home Gears Blog is receiving all the compensations that are made via the advertisements, we always appreciate providing our findings, honest opinions, experiences, and beliefs on the products and topics that are shared through the blog.

It is up to the visitors to express their own beliefs and thoughts through the blog. If there is any product claim, you should verify that along with the service provider or manufacturer of the product.

Affiliate Disclosure

HomeGearsBlog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites

There is no additional cost on the visitors at the time of clicking the URLs. All the referral fees associated with these affiliate URLs are completed by the merchants. Via the paid advertisements and affiliate URLs available within the website, we only product businesses and products that are helpful to the readers who go through content shared on Home Gears Blog.

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The revenue we generate out of affiliate links and paid advertisements on the Home Gears Blog website will be used to continue with operating the website. In addition to that, it helps us to deliver the best quality content to all the users as well.

Therefore, we strongly appreciate it if you can click on the affiliate links and deliver the support that we need to keep our website up and running at all times. It will help us to deliver a top-notch experience to all our visitors. We will ensure that at all times.

Amendments To The Disclosure

We reserve all the rights to modify, change, add, or remove existing parts of the disclosure. The changes to the website will take place without prior notice to you. All the changes that we do on the website will be in place from the effective date as well.

Collection of Personal Information

There are instances where Home Gears Blog collects personal information from the visitors. This is done mainly with the objective of delivering a better experience to all the visitors of the website. Visitors will be able to provide their personal information to the website through numerous methods.

They include browsing through the website and interacting with the service. All these methods would eventually contribute towards the enhanced customer experience that we deliver through our web portal.

Personal information submitted to Home Gears Blog will be used to identify you as an individual, who is different from others. Upon the detection of individuals, we will be able to deliver a better service to everyone through the Home Gears Blog web portal.

All the information will be gathered only when interacting with the Home Gears Blog web portal. We ensure that we don’t gather information through any other methods.

Examples of personal information gathered by Home Gears Blog include demographic data, email address, name, and interests.

By accessing the services, you acknowledge that you will only be using them for referencing purposes. You will not be able to use them for specialist advice and professional judgment. We don’t provide any representation or warranty on the information that is provided.

The website is current, reliable, complete, and accurate, and error-free. If you notice anything that is not correct, you may get in touch with us and inform us about them.

Furthermore, we don’t provide an assurance that the information represented by our website will meet your specific requirements. We will not be liable for the failure of the service to cater to your expectations.

Service Provided

At all times, we will try our best to offer accurate and quality information and services to you. However, the predictions and forecasts provided are of spiritual or psychic nature. They might not be 100% reliable. Therefore, you are encouraged to use your own discretion and judgment when going through the content available on the website. Then you can take them for your personal life or professional life accordingly.

No Attorney-Client Relationship

All the content shared through Home Gears Blog is only for informational purposes. There can be information shared through the blog on legal topics. We need you to understand the fact that we are not creating any of the attorney-client type relationships along with the clients that we interact with on the website.

While you are using the website, you will agree to the fact that all the information displayed on the website are not containing any professional or legal advice. You will never be creating any attorney-client relationship along with us.

All information available within Home Gears Blog can get changed without previous notice. Our editorial team has all the right to make such changes to the blog. We don’t also guarantee to the fact that all information shared via the blog is accurate and up to date. If there are out of date content, we will be taking appropriate steps to change them.

Our editorial team is looking forward to revising the blog on a regular basis at all times. This may not reflect the most recent developments. It is also important to note that all the opinions shared via the Home Gears Blog are just opinions of individuals. They do not represent any attorney.

Copyright Notice

All the content published within Home Gears Blog is copyrighted. We have all the rights of the content and we do not encourage copying and sharing the content on other third-party platforms without obtaining our approval. All the content is licensed and controlled by the editorial team behind the Home Gears Blog as well.

Unauthorized reproduction, copying, uploading, republishing, transmitting, posting and duplication of content visible within Home Gears Blog is strictly prohibited.

It is possible for you to proceed and download all the downloadable materials only for non-commercial and personal purposes. Information shared within the documents will not be modified. However, the trademark materials are copyrighted as well.

The editorial team behind Home Gears Blog respects all the intellectual property rights. Under the appropriate notice, the editorial team will go ahead and remove the posts, comments, messages, and other submissions that are submitted by the users, which go against the law. Content that can suspend the blog will also be removed without previous notice.

Commercial Use of Content in Home Gears Blog Including Screenshots

Copying, reproduction, and redistribution of materials available within the Home Gears Blog website are strongly prohibited. If you are planning to use any of the content or at least screenshots of Home Gears Blog, you should get in touch with the editorial team and obtain appropriate permission to move forward.

Any distribution, reproduction, or sharing of screenshots available in the Home Gears Blog will be subjected to both federal and state privacy laws. They would require a written contest from an attorney. In order to obtain permission to copy or reproduce content visible on Home Gears Blog, contact one of our editorial team members via the contact us section.

When sending a request to copy or reproduce the content in Home Gears Blog, make sure that you send a detailed request with all the required information. Include the specific pieces of content that you wish to use. You should also include when, where, and how you will be using the content published on Home Gears Blog as well.

It can be a news article, newsletter, seminar, or any other purpose. Regardless of the way how you use the content, we strongly encourage you to share all the details with us on how they will be used.

In addition to that, you should share details on how many copies of the content that will be reproduced and how they will be distributed among the audience. The appropriate method of distribution should be included as well.

Along with the request, our team encourages you to submit your name, company, title, address, phone number, and email address. In case if there is a need to contact you before providing approval, we will go ahead and do it.

Links to Other Materials, Websites, and Blogs

Apart from affiliate URLs, Home Gears Blog contains links to other materials, websites, and blogs as well. All these links are provided as a courtesy to the visitors of the blog. Home Gears Blog and the editorial team doesn’t have control over any of the external links and the nature of content shared on them. Therefore, we will not be responsible for any loss that you would encounter after you click on a Home Gears Blog link and encounter trouble.

Before you click on any of the links that are included in the Home Gears Blog, which are directing to the other websites and blogs on the internet, you will be doing that at your own risk. Home Gears Blog reserves the right to add new external links and remove the existing links visible within the website at any given time.

Restriction Actions

Some of the actions that visitors do within the Home Gears Blog web portal are prohibited. You are never encouraged to interrupt the Home Gears Blog. You should not even attempt to interrupt. Home Gears Blog. Unauthorized access or usage of information that belongs to Home Gears Blog will result in civil and criminal prosecution under local, state, and federal law.

We encourage all the visitors of Home Gears Blog to refrain from completing actions, which are not lawful. All the content on the website should be used only for legitimate purposes. You are not encouraged to alter any of the information or data available in the blog, as it would infringe patent, copyright, and service mark and trademark laws of a person or an entity. You should not encourage another person to proceed with doing such malicious activities on the website of Home Gears Blog as well.

The Home Gears Blog is not designed for anyone aged under 14 years to visit. We have all the right to deny access to the blog, and take appropriate actions against you for violating the terms and conditions. You should never do anything offensive, unlawful, abusive, threatening, malicious, and harmful while using the website as well.

You are encouraged to refer to this disclosure on a regular basis as the content presented here can get changed without prior notice.

Last Updated 11/10/2020