Top 10 Ways To Reinvent Your Craft Furniture

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Furniture is not resistant to moisture, and abrasive dirt. Over time, the wardrobe, chairs or table made of wood may lose their original appearance. But this is not a reason to throw away old trusty furniture.

It’s easy to reinvent your craft furniture and make it as good as new. Here are the top 10 ways to make out something really fantastic of an old table, wardrobe, cabinet or bookcase.

1.Paint The Surfaces

One of the easiest ways to update furniture is to paint the shabby surfaces. Use paint of the appropriate color shade or be creative and completely change the appearance. Previously, the surface must be sanded and covered with a primer.

To apply paint on the table you can use stencils to get an original ornament in the Moroccan or any other ethnic style. If you paint chairs you can use different colors for strips on the legs. Silver or golden details made with stencils would help to create an antiquity effect.

2. Use Self-Adhesive Architectural Design films

Producers offer over a thousand different textures and patterns of self-adhesive architectural design films that can be used to restore wardrobe and cabinet doors:

– imitating different types of wood;

– imitating stone, marble, brick, tiles, and other interior lining or exterior cladding;

– glossy finish;

– photo prints;

– art deco patterns;

– different mosaic patterns (Moroccan tiles or Portuguese azulejos tiles);

– graffiti;

– geometrical patterns;

– floral vintage;

– children pattern etc.

Films are easy to use, you don’t need to sand the surface thoroughly and cover it with a primer, degreasing is quite enough. You can use the film only for facades or paste it over the back of an open bookcase.

Before pasting lockers and doors, unscrew the handles. While pasting, move from top to bottom slowly and smooth it with a napkin. Make holes for handles after sizing. Cut off and smooth excess pieces of the film.

3. Use Wallpaper

You can also use any wallpaper for decoration instead of self-adhesive architectural design films. The only difference is you have to make wallpaper glue, to mix the powder with water to obtain a homogeneous mass, and use a roller. Using wallpaper you can reinvent a wardrobe, bookcase, side or coffee table, covered with glass.

You can use wallpaper for the back of a bookcase. Choose contrast and bright wallpapers with geometrical, floral, or art deco patterns. Remove the shelves and measure the back of the bookcase.

Cut off a piece of wallpaper according to the measures. Use special glue for wallpaper. Then put the shelves back. You can use old pieces of wallpaper for decoration. It’s better to paint a bookcase with the light (white) paint if you choose dark wallpaper or vice versa.

4.Mosaic Art

You can use pieces of any material assembled together to decorate the surface of the side or coffee table, chairs, cabinet or wardrobe doors, and garden furniture. Use bright colored pieces of tiles to create interior units similar to Gaudi’s masterpieces. Pieces of a mirror, different color glass, seashells they will help you make a real piece of art out of simple furniture.

The art of mosaic is a time-consuming process. First, you need to make a sketch of the drawing, then use chalk or pencil to apply it to the surface, then paste pieces of tile or glass with a colorless glue on a rubber base.

5.Reupholster Couch and Armchairs

Upholstered furniture can be reinvented with the new fabric. Reupholstering is a time-consuming process, but it is quite real for DIY and craft furniture.

You will need:

– Fabric for upholstery;

– Cotton ribbon;

– Stapler for furniture;

– Brackets;

– A screwdriver, scissors, and a knife.

The first step is to remove the old upholstery. Next, cut the desired size of the fabric in pieces, as separate parts of the chair /sofa. For each piece, leave a little stock of fabric and fix it under the bottom with a stapler. Cut off all the extra fragments. The fabric should fit snugly on the sofa, but not be under strong tension. To prevent the edges from bending, it is better to glue a cotton ribbon.

6.Artificial Aging of Wood

Method of artificial aging include the following stages:

– Paint the surface in a color that is several shades darker than the original.

– Choose a shade according to the color scheme of the room.

– Rub some areas with wax. You can use a candle.

– Paint the Cabinet in a light shade: for example, cream or beige.

– Wipe the surface with sandpaper, so there will be scuffs.

Craquelure is another simple way to give an antique look to a cabinet, wardrobe, coffee table, or dresser. The surface is coated with the varnish. After drying, small cracks appear on the facade paint.

7. Make it Reflective

Mirrors will help not only to hide the shortcomings of old furniture but also visually expand the space and make the room lighter. Mirrors of the demanded sizes can be made to order. To fasten the mirrors you need to use special mounting glue.

You can also use reflective self-adhesive architectural design films. Silver or golden interior details are very popular and trendy nowadays. You can decorate with gold or silver all the surfaces of furniture or little details. Make sure the piece of furniture with reflection fits well into the interior.8

8.Oil and Wax finish

Any piece of wooden furniture can be restored with oil and wax finish. This is the most natural way to protect the wood. Oil and wax contain the least amount of harmful substances compared to stains and oil paints. The surfaces covered with oil and wax, require regular maintenance.

Oils give the wood a light shine and color bright, but do not create a film on its surface. This finish protects the wood from water penetration while allowing it to breathe. Most oils do not color wood, but you can buy some that lighten or darken it. Wax, unlike oils, forms a thin surface layer, characterized by slightly better resistance to dirt and moisture.

If you apply more layers of varnish than the manufacturer recommends, you may get a different effect, not the one you expected, for example, the coating that was supposed to be matte will be glossy. If you decide to use a stain, keep in mind that the more times you paint the wood with it, the darker the shade will be.

Before varnishing, the wood surface must be sanded and dust-free. Sometimes manufacturers recommend applying a special preparation to increase adhesion before using the varnish.

9. Add Decoration

Use vintage frames to decorate the facades of cabinets or any other piece of furniture. First sand the surfaces of the facades and cover with a primer. Attach the frames using glue, cover them with a primer too. Use the paint or apply any of the techniques of artificial aging or finish outlined above.

Use the unusual handles for cabinets. Those may be handles bought during the abroad trip with ethnic accents or craft handles with decoration.

An old wooden shelf can be turned into a real work of art with precious stones and pearls. You can use different materials: various beads and jewelry, seashells. First, make a small pencil sketch on the shelf. Thread the beads on the wire and glue them along the lines. Attach beads and other jewelry.

Decoupage is another way to decorate the furniture using simple colored paper cutouts and glue. Furniture with floral decoupage fits perfectly into the Provence style interior. Cut out images from a napkin or printed images on paper. Cut the element and attach it to the object, cover with the glue. After the glue dried, varnish the surface with a colorless lacquer.

10.Repurpose furniture

You can reinvent furniture by changing its purpose. For example, an old ladder can be used as bookshelves. Lean the ladder against the wall, attach wider boards to the steps. Use it for pots with plants or in the bathroom to hang the towels or put some cosmetics.

If you have two ladders you can use them to create a desk with some shelves on both sides. Also, you can attach them to the wall in the form of the letter “W” and attach horizontal shelves.

A low table with only two legs can be transformed into a coffee table placed over ottomans. It can be also attached to the wall and used as a bedside table. The old tabletop can be replaced with a section of a tree trunk with a large diameter. This natural tabletop is a real piece of art that looks great in the modern interior.

Use old travel trunks, boxes, or containers as coffee tables. Use different decorations or paint them. Make a multifunctional piece of furniture out of an old chair. Use the box with the lid to create instead of an old seat, thus the chair will also serve as storage. Low chairs can be used as dog bowl stands. You just need to make a round hole the bowl size.

There are many more brilliant ideas for Craft Furniture redecoration that can be found on the internet. Use your own creativity to restore old furniture to make a real piece of art.

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