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Top 12 Best Toilet Paper for Septic System of 2021

After using the toilet, you flush it using the handle and then all of the wastes go to the pipe and eventually into the septic tank. So for keeping your septic tank free of any damage, you have to use everything that goes well with it. You have to choose the best toilet paper for septic among all the toilet paper available in the market.

You should be mindful of what you are flushing into your toilet. If you are using low-quality toilet paper then it will not dissolve with water easily rather it will keep accumulating into the septic tank. Thus, it will threaten it, causing potential damage and you will have to go through so many difficulties to then resolve this issue.

A good quality biodegradable toilet paper will save you from the hassle and potential damage to your toilet.

You should not pick any random toilet paper to use in your bathroom. You have to have the proper knowledge to buy the best toilet paper septic tank to avoid any unexpected difficulties later. So we have picked 12 toilet paper brands that are worth a try from your side for sure;

1. Best toilet paper with greater absorbing ability- Charmin ultra strong toilet paper

24 Family Mega Rolls are one of the best on the list. The paper material is strong and really soft on the skin. Some toilet paper gets stuck in the toilet and makes the toilet clogged, with this toilet paper, you’ll not face any problems like that.

2. Best toilet paper with cushiony touch- Charmin ultra-soft cushiony

24 Family Mega Rolls Are just like what the name says. The papers are soft and cushiony on the skin and do a better cleaning. One good thing about this product is that the papers are highly absorbent. If you need toilet papers for toddlers, this is perfect.

3. Best septic-safe and skin-friendly toilet paper- Scott rapid dissolving toilet paper

Bath Tissue for RV & Boats have certified toilet papers from responsible sources. The toilet papers are really soft and gentle on the skin and dissolves four times faster than any other toilet paper.

4. Best longer-lasting toilet paper- Mega roll toilet paper

Mega Roll Toilet Paper is the best toilet paper for a septic system. This is long-lasting toilet paper. this is very comparable to Charmin. No issues with puncturing straight through lol. so this is  Excellent toilet paper for home use.

5. Best environment-friendly toilet paper- Scott comfort plus toilet paper

Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper is the only 1-ply toilet tissue paper.main features of this toilet paper is chlorine-free and double roll size.this is environment-friendly toilet paper.

6. Best toilet paper with thick texture- Quilted northern ultra plush toilet paper

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper is Toilet paper should dissolve within 30 minutes after getting wet. Toilet paper is not dissolves.

7. Best toilet paper with safe-flush technology- Cottonelle ultra comfort care toilet paper

Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper is 24 family mega toilet paper rolls and soft bath tissue.

8. Best budget-friendly toilet paper for septic- Presto flex a size paper towels

Flex-a-Size Paper is budget-friendly toilet paper and It is sapti safe toilet paper.This is strong and absorbent.

9. Best toilet paper with embossing texture- Envision 1-ply Embossed toilet paper

It is much easier for the plumbing system of your toilet. It is perfectly sewer and septic free. So it will not create any sort of clog to your toilet. So you can stay unnecessary hassle free.

10. Best toilet paper to avoid plumbing issues- Bio-clean Drain septic bacteria

This Bio-clean Drain Septic Bacteria is perfectly suitable for your plumbing system, septic system, and sewer system.

11. Best toilet paper with extra comfort- Cottonelle ultra-clean care soft toilet paper

This toilet paper is very comfortable, strong, and very effective in terms of usage.

12. Best toilet paper for cleanliness- Scott essential professional 100% Recycled

The packaging is awesome and it being environment-friendly feels gives off a very premium vibe and It is Very long-lasting once bought.

Note : If you are in a hurry need to grab a product right away, this section is just for you!

What is Toilet Paper?

Toilet paper is a very important product for us. Needless to say, you can find it in most bathrooms. Toilet paper is mostly used after you use the toilet. This toilet paper is made of a very soft and thin paper. People need it every time after using the toilet to clean themselves. This helps them to clean themselves after they get rid of bodily waste and urine from their bodies.

There are alternatives to toilet paper, for example, in Asia it is common for a water spray to be used in addition to, or in place of toilet paper. This is a very thin absorbent paper and mostly rolled around a roll made of paper. The paper roll mostly helps to hold the toilet paper and hang it in the toilet.

What Makes a Septic Safe Toilet Paper?

The degrading ability of toilet paper makes it septic safe. However, biodegradable types have quite a greater degrading ability as compared to non-biodegradable.

Therefore, biodegradable toilet papers completely degrade in the septic system. Moreover, these types of toilet papers require less water to break down and dissolve faster.

Further, these toilet papers do not contain any chemicals or bleach that could disturb the balance of the septic system. All these elements contribute to making septic safe toilet paper.

What to Look for a Toilet Paper?

From all the available toilet papers you should not choose one in a random manner. You have to consider a few factors. Some of those are:

-You have to be certain that the toilet paper is free from any chlorine substance. Papers which are bleached with chlorine is not friendly for the environment. So try to avoid it.

-Roll size is very important. You may have to buy more toilet paper for Septic if the roll size is bigger. Try to buy toilet paper in bulk.

-See the ply count or how many sheets are there in the toilet paper.

-Have a close look if the toilet paper is made from recycled content.

-Know what the manufacturer says on the packaging.

-Check the softness of the toilet paper.

-Make sure your toilet paper is not very thick to create any blockage issue.

-The toilet paper doesn’t create any irritation to your skin.

 So these are pretty much all you need to consider while buying toilet paper

Now we can jump right into the detailed review of all the toilet papers. Keep reading to see more products and learn more about them.

1.Charmin ultra strong toilet paper

best toilet paper for septic

Charmin ultra strong clean touch toilet is one of the perfect toilet paper available in the market. You should definitely be considering this toilet paper while buying it. Charmin ultra strong family mega roll is a significantly long-lasting mega roll. It equals 5+ regular roll for a very reasonable value.

It has a very distinctive clean touch which makes it possible to clean better than the leading and the more pricey brands. It has a very lucrative texture and a very high absorbing ability. It will require a lot fewer toilet papers while using the rest of the leading pricey brands of toilet papers. It has a 2 ply feature and it is completely toilet paper septic safe. So you can use it without much tension.


-Charmin ultra strong family mega roll provides great value with more quantity.

-This toilet paper is longer lasting compared with competitors.

-The price that it offers is very reasonable

-It requires lesser toilet paper to get the job done.

-It has a very unique clean touch that ensures a cleaner outcome

-Charmin ultra strong family mega roll has a very high absorbing ability

-It has a washcloth like texture.

-This toilet paper is septic safe.

Benefits of Using It:

This exclusively designed mega roll will surely give you a durable user experience. With distinctive clean touch, it will ensure proper cleaning. Besides, you won't need too many toilet papers compared to other brands. On top of that, Charmin Ultra toilet paper comes at an affordable rate.

2. Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony 

septic safe toilet paper

Charmin ultra soft family mega roll is a very big sized toilet paper just like other offerings from this brand. Charmin ultra soft family mega roll is a very long-lasting one that equals multiple regular rolls that are available in the market at a very decent price.

This toilet paper comes with a very distinctive cushiony touch, which makes it so comfortable that it becomes very hard to resist it. So naturally, it won't be hard on your skin and cause you any rashes. Furthermore, it has got a super 2x absorption ability. So it lets you use less comparing with all the leading toilet paper brands available in the market.

Charmin ultra soft family mega roll has 2-ply. It makes it longer lasting.So there is no chance of disturbance later. You will be able to enjoy your bathroom experience significantly having Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper to use.


-Charmin ultra soft family mega roll has 2-ply.

-Charmin ultra soft family mega roll is a big sized toilet paper comparing other toilet papers.

-It is really very soft

-It has a very clean cushiony touch that makes the job easier.

-You will need lesser paper.

-Superb absorption ability.

-It is also septic safe toilet paper.

Benefits of Using It:

As it is soft, you will feel comfortable while using it. It comes in a big size pack so it will satisfy your family needs conveniently. Besides, the clean cushiony touch ensures that you won't need much paper. With 2-ply mega rolls, it will certainly give you a long=lasting user experience.

3.Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper 

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper is very gentle and nice to your skin. This toilet tissue is specially made to use it in RVs, boats, buses, and other applications like these. This is one of the suitable toilet paper available and it is perfectly suited for your motor home. On top of that, this toilet paper is very much friendly to the environment.

This Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper is a rapid dissolving toilet paper tissue that breaks down four times faster than the other leading well-known toilet paper brands. This toilet paper is clog-clinic tested. So there is no possibility of getting clogged in the toilet.

All the materials that are being used for this are responsibly chosen so it keeps the septic tank of RV and your home very safe. This toilet paper is also very friendly to the environment for the elements that are being usedMoreover, This best toilet tissue for septic tank is very soft and absorbent. So it can serve your skin pretty well without any doubt.

If you are on the go, you will need toilet paper for sure. So choose a toilet paper that will not cause any plumbing problem to your RV. So in such a case, Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper can definitely serve your purpose.


-It is an RV septic tank and sewer safe.

-It is very much friendly for the skin and absorbent.

-It is FSC certified.

-It breaks down four times faster.

-Perfect for using it on the go.

Benefits of Using It:

It is a rapidly dissolving toilet paper which made it perfect for RV, bus or boats. Being clog-clinic tested, this paper will never get clogged in your toilet. Built with soft and absorbent materials, this toilet paper is safe to use. It breaks four times faster than normal toilet paper, which is why it is one of the best products for the septic tank.

4.Mega Roll Toilet Paper 

best toilet paper for septic

Presto! Ultra-Strong Toilet Paper is something that you must consider while going to buy toilet paper from the market. This toilet paper comes with some features that you can not simply ignore. Presto! Ultra-Strong Toilet Paper very soft so it is gentle to your skin. It offers the softness and the needed strength that you expect.

This strength will keep you comfortable while using it. This toilet tissue is stronger than the rest of the toilet 100 leading brand of toilet tissues by almost 80%. Each of the mega rolls that it brings with it stays 4x longer than regular toilet paper roll. So you can expect to buy a lot of lesser toilet papers for future use.

It is a 2-ply toilet paper that means it has two sheets of toilet paper so it is very firm. You can have better results by using it. It is made of substances from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. The amazing part is if you are running short of this then you can order it through Alexa by just saying, “Alexa, order Presto! toilet paper”


-It includes 24 mega rolls.

-It is a 2-ply toilet paper.

-It is almost 80% stronger and thicker.

-It is a septic-safe bath tissue.

-This is longer-lasting toilet paper.

-It is well-suited for small-sized toilet paper holder.

Benefits of Using It:

This toilet paper is at least 80% stronger and even thicker than other brands. On the other hand, it is also super soft. So, you’ll get nothing but comfort from it. You will not need much toilet paper, so every roll will last longer. With 24 mega rolls and 2 ply toilet paper, it will meet your expectations.

5.Scott Comfort Plus Toilet Paper 

best toilet papers

Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper ensures your everyday comfort with all the extra convenient features it brings with it. This tissue is designed in a way that will take good care of your skin, keeping you comfortable and adds some little extra value.

Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper comes from a very trusted brand. It has very thick sheets that are enough to ensure the comfort and cleanliness of your skin. Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper is properly tested about the strength and it is perfectly designed that surely provides comfort.

It comes with a 1-ply sheet that means the sheet has only 1 layer. It is made without the use of any sort of chlorine. So it is not harmful to the environment during the production or while using it. This toilet paper doesn’t come with a cardboard roll.


-It is super strong from the rest of the toilet paper.

-Scott ComfortPlus is designed to ensure comfort to the users.

-It is a 1 ply toilet paper that makes it possible to do the amazing cleaning.

-It is septic and sewer safe. So there is no tension regarding it.

-It is unscented so no use of chemicals.

-It is chlorine-free.

-It is made from responsible materials.

Benefits of Using It:

Scott comfort plus is specially designed to take care of your skin and give you a comfortable feeling while using it. The thick sheets will ensure strength and comfortless. As chlorine is not used in manufacturing this toilet paper, it is pretty much environment-friendly.

6.Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper 

best toilet paper for septic

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet paper is the thickest and softest toilet paper around. It has a very cushiony touch so you will not feel awkward or irritated while using it in your skin. It is very much absorbent as well which makes it possible for it to do a proper cleaning. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper is made from 3 silky soft layer that is able to pamper you with ultimate comfort.

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper is 3x thicker and absorbent from most of the leading brands. All the rolls have 319 silky soft 3 ply sheets. All the sheets have the signature texture design of this brand. The big sized roll comes with the feature that it doesn’t let you change the roll regularly like any normal roll. The role perfectly fits with most of the roll holders. This biodegradable toilet paper is safe to use in any septic or sewer system.


-This toilet paper is septic and sewer safe.

-It is 3-ply toilet paper that has a silky soft layer.

-It ensures 3x comfort and absorbing ability.

-The roll size is very big.

-It has a luxurious embossed texture.

-It has a cushiony touch that is very soft and gentle to your skin.

Benefits of Using It:

It is quite safe for the septic tank and sewer as well. The cushiony touch will ensure the maximum level of comfort to your skin. As it is so much absorbent, the cleaning will be convenient and perfect. Besides, it is biodegradable, that's the main reason we recommend it for a septic system. 

7.Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care Toilet Paper 

best toilet paper for septic

You can take a little bit of technology in your bathroom with Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper. It has a CleanRipple texture removes more stains. This toilet paper also brings safe flush technology that ensures each sheet of paper is absolutely sewer and septic safe. So there are no difficulties later.

This Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper ensures cleanliness for your family and it offers the ultimate cushiony comfort to your skin. You will also have a fresh feeling after using flushable cleansing cloths from the same maker. You will be very much satisfied by using this Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper and flushable cleansing cloths together.

Unlike so many toilet papers around the market Cottonelle, Ultra ComfortCare toilet paper is both soft and strong at the same time. It is septic and sewer safe. So it will not expose you to any trouble later.

The softness of this product of this brand can add luxury to your daily life. It is also very absorbent considering so many leading brands.


-This toilet paper is septic and sewer safe.

-This Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper is a perfect combo of both soft and strong.

-It is very absorbent.

-It ensures cushiony comfort to your skin.

-It is a big roll toilet paper having 2-ply.

-The toilet paper roll fits with the standard roll holder size.

Benefits of Using It:

The clean ripple texture comes in handy to remove maximum stains. Besides, it is built with safe-plush technology which will ensure that it is safe for septic and sewers. Whether you value cleanliness or comfort, Cottonelle ultra comfort care toilet paper will ensure everything for you.

8.Presto! Flex-a-Size Paper Towels 

best toilet paper

While buying the best paper towel for you can definitely give try for Amazon Brand - Presto! Flex-a-Size Paper Towels. This is an amazing offering from the Amazon that is definitely worth a try. It is 75% more absorbent from so many leading brands. It is a 1-ply paper towel that serves best from most of the other brands.

It is 2.5x longer from the leading brands which mean you can use this paper towel for so many times. So it will save excessive spending of your money. 12 huge rolls of this paper towel equal 30 regular rolls of another brand. So, you can clearly understand the difference. Moreover, each of the rolls has a total of 63 sheets.

It is made from sustainably made Forrest and controlled sources. Also, you can order it by voice command, by saying “Alexa, order Presto! paper towels.

Amazon also offers a refund offer for your purchased amount if there is any dissatisfaction regarding the quality of the paper towel.


-It is a 1-ply paper towel.

-It is 75% more absorbent.

-It comes with a satisfaction guarantee from the makers.

-Flex-a-size feature suits all sorts of messes in your house.

-It lasts 2.5x longer.

-It is made from sustainable sources.

Benefits of Using It:

It is 75% more absorbent than many other brands which made it quite perfect toilet paper. As it is at least 2.5X longer than many other brands, it will ensure the maximum level of durability. No doubt, it will give you a comfortable and enjoyable user experience.

9.Envision 1-Ply Embossed Toilet Paper 

best toilet paper for septic systems

Envision 1-Ply Embossed Toilet Paper is one of the best toilet paper for septic systems. The paper is very soft but yet not crumbling. It is very gentle to your skin as well. It doesn’t disintegrate and it is stronger than most of the leading brands that are available in the market.

This Envision 1-Ply Embossed Toilet Paper is made of recycled fiber content so the environment is not harmed in the process of making it. It comes with a 40 roll case so the storage of it stays for so long ensures easier handling of it.

Also after buying a bulk of this toilet paper, you can stay tension less even for more than one year. The emboss texture provides an amazing look and feel. It is a very affordable choice for customers.


-It is very much septic and sewer safe.

-It comes with a very innovative case that makes it possible to easily handle and storage.

-The embossed texture of it provides a beautiful look and feel.

-It contains recycled fiber so it is sustainable.

-The case is very portable.

-It is a 1-ply toilet paper.

Benefits of Using It:

This toilet paper is quite soft, so you will have a gentle feeling on your skin. Built from recycled fiber content, it is not that harmful to the environment. Besides, it comes with an embossing texture to give you a wonderful look and feel.

10.Bio-clean Drain Septic Bacteria 

best toilet papers

Bio-clean Drain Septic Bacteria can be a great tool to take proper care for your septic. Bio-Clean is a unique special combination of natural bacteria and enzymes. These are formulated mainly to digest all the natural wastes that are found in the plumbing system. Bio clean will help you to get rid of hair, soap scum, paper, food ingredients, cotton, etc that are stuck in drain lines of your plumbing system.

However, it will have very little or no effect on inorganic materials like plastics. It will not create any dangerous reactions like other chemicals do.It is absolutely safe for humans and the environment. So you can absolutely use it for keeping your toilet paper for septic tank.


-It is environmentally very safe.

-It eliminates the costly needs of other back up plans.

-It is a multi-purpose product.

-It digests all the dead organic stuff in your plumbing system.

-It is not harmful to humans.

Benefits of Using It:

Needless to say, this amazing toilet paper will take care of your septic system. Built with a combination of natural bacteria and enzymes, Bui-clean will eliminate the natural wastes from your plumbing system. It is quite safe for human skin and also environment-friendly.

11.Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Soft Toilet Paper  

septic safe toilet paper

If you’re a regular in buying toilet tissues, then you’ve definitely heard the name of Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Soft Toilet Paper. They are very strong in composition contrary to the 1-ply structure. These toilet tissues will feel very soft against your skin because of their cushiony structure of ripple-like texture.

The most attractive feature of Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Soft Toilet paper is its biodegradability. It easily degrades biologically which makes it environment-friendly. You’ll not find such a toilet paper made of plant fibers, anti-clogging, safe for sewers property aside from being fully septic safe toilet paper.

Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Soft Toilet Paper is available in 3 different sizes depending on your frequent usage. Though it is only 1-ply tissue paper, it is three times stronger than normal toilet papers and two times more absorbent. This product is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for being environment-friendly and hygiene.


-This toilet paper sheet is strong even though there is only one-ply in it.

-It comes in a variety of sizes. So, everyone can use it comfortably.

-They are long-lasting.

-Using them will not clog up your toilet sewer line because of being a single-ply in the structure.

Benefits of Using It:

Although it comes in a 1-ply structure, Cottonelle ultra-clean care soft toilet paper is quite strong. The ripple-like texture and its cushiony structure will make it quite soft and comfortable for your skin. It is quite absorbent and stronger. Besides, it will give you a durable user experience.

12.Scott Essential Professional 100% Recycled 

best toilet paper for septic

If you’re doing business and you have lots of clients’ visits, you might want to keep your toilet proper if not anything else. And what is better than using the right toilet paper? Scott Essential Professional Fiber Bulk Toilet Paper will provide you with highly efficient, premium quality, and great performance. With this toilet paper, you’re not only buying a product of quality but also less costly compared to the other toilet papers of this stature.

What makes this product so useful is that suits any kind of washroom. This toilet paper is made of fully (a cent percent) recycled fiber. Structurally Scott Essential Professional 100% Recycled Fiber Bulk Toilet paper is of 2-ply. It is a very strong and absorbent.

Scott Essential Professional Bulk toilet paper is EcoLogo and FSC certified. So, rest assured, it will never harm the environment or clog up your sewers.


-Considering the service it’s providing, I’d say it is cheaper than most other toilet papers.

-Do not leave any toilet paper residue when used.

-The roll is well-wrapped, and the features will match with your requirements.

Benefits of Using It:

It is a premium quality, highly efficient toilet paper that comes at an affordable price. If you want a great value of money from toilet paper, it is the best option. This strong and absorbent toilet paper is made from recycled fiber. So, it is not harmful to your environment.

Top 12 Best Toilet Paper for Septic System Comparision table

Product Name




1.Charmin Ultra Strong CleanToilet Paper


8.7 Pounds

4.8 out of 5

2.Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Toilet Paper


10.3 Pounds

4.8 out of 5

3.Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper


14.08 Ounces

4.7 out of 5

4.Amazon Brand - Presto!Mega Roll Toilet Paper


7.38 Pounds

4.7 out of 5

5.ComfortPlus Toilet Paper


2.23 Pounds

4.6 out of 5

6.Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper


9.7 Pounds

54.8 out of 5

7.Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper


0.16 Ounces

4.8 out of 5

8.Amazon Brand - Presto! Flex-a-Size Paper Towels


 9.38 Pounds

4.7 out of 5

9.Envision 1-Ply Toilet Paper 


14.44 Pounds

4.4 out of 5

10.Bio-Clean Drain Septic Bacteria


2 pounds

4.4 out of 5

11.Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Soft Toilet Paper


10.2 Pounds

4.8 out of 5

12.Scott Essential Fiber Bulk Toilet Paper


1.00 pounds

4.7 out of 5

Which are The Toilet Paper on The Market?

Now there are so many toilet papers available on the market. All of these toilet papers offer different features. While buying an appropriate toilet paper for yourself you have to have a proper understanding regarding all these features. You have to understand what fits you best. Then you have to pick accordingly from all the toilet papers that are available on the market.

For having a septic friendly toilet paper you will have to have a closer look into the packaging of the product to be sure that the product is septic toilet paper. Usually, you will find the toilet papers having “septic-safe” marked in their packaging. It means the toilet paper will not create any clog or cause in your septic system. Moreover, the toilet paper will dissolve with water very easily.

For your convenience to pick the best toilet papers on the market especially that are septic friendly we have picked 12 toilet papers already. You can get a deeper idea from that. To know about it you can even research more about it. Be very sure the toilet paper you are going to choose is friendly to your skin, biodegradable and has higher absorption ability.

Different Types of Toilet Paper

The toilet paper industry is a very much booming industry considering the demand it has in the market. There are so many companies that are producing different types of toilet paper and researching, even more, to provide more upgraded products to the consumers.

Competition in the industry is huge and the people are trying all the time to make serve the consumers with varieties of offerings of the toilet paper to stand out from the rest. These are some of the significant types of toilet papers that are available in the market;

Luxury Toilet Paper

Luxury toilet paper is totally different from the rest of the toilet paper. What makes it different is that it comes with some luxury variations like it can be perfumed, lotioned and scented.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

These toilet papers are made mostly from bamboos and sugarcane. If you want to use eco-friendly toilet paper then this is the one.

Recycled Toilet Paper

Recycled toilet paper saves energy and saves the tree significantly. But the smoothness and texture may not be appealing to some users.

Brown Toilet Paper

This is an unbleached toilet paper very recent addition to all toilet papers range. The color is normally brown.

Colored Toilet Paper

These colored toilet papers come with having different colors that make the toilet paper more good to look at.

1-Ply Toilet Paper:

This is only a single layer of toilet paper. Here ply refers to as a layer.

2-Ply Toilet Paper

This is a double layer of toilet paper.

3-Ply Toilet Paper

This toilet paper has three layers of sheets.

How to Use Toilet Paper?

There are so many ways of using the best toilet paper for septic. These ways will depend a lot on the place you belong to. Generally, western and eastern people have different ways of using toilet papers whenever they are inside the toilet. Eastern people use water to ensure their personal hygiene so they use it in a completely different way.

However, by blending both ways here is the ways of how to use toilet paper for maintaining cleanliness:

a.This process requires you to be seated the entire time. So take a decent amount of tissues from the hanging roll and reach behind your butt and start wiping it with the tissue holding it with your hand. You will do it with very gentle pressure. Keep on repeating the process until the residue is gone.

b.In this second step again take some toilet papers that seem appropriate to you. But this time will be lesser from the former one. Keep repeating the process mentioned earlier but the pressure will be more from the former one. Continue doing so until the residue decreases to a very small amount.

c.In this stage, you will take even less toilet paper. One folded square of toilet paper is enough in this stage. Repeat the same process as the former one in here also but you have to keep doing this with a significant amount of pressure. You have to keep doing it until there is no residue left behind your butt.

d.Though this step is ignored by so many, I think to ensure absolute cleanliness it is a must. Here you wipe some tissue paper and continue doing the former procedure. This will make sure there is no stain left onto your skin.

e.In this final step, you have to flush out your toilet, adjust your clothes, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

So these are the basic ways of using toilet paper.

How Long Does Toilet Paper Last?

How long does toilet paper last depend on so many factors that you just can’t assume and tell about it? You have to consider how many people are going to use that toilet paper, amount of toilet of the roll and frequency of the use of it in a day. These factors are very much important to have an idea about how long a toilet paper roll will last.

If these toilet papers are needed in an office setup, then the number of people going to the toilet will be too many. So there will be frequent use of toilet papers so the need for the toilet papers will be so much. Even a whole roll of toilet paper will not do. You will need multiple toilet paper for the entire day.

If you are using a toilet paper roll for a home then the number of people will be much lesser. But there will still be multiple people who will be using it. So if a roll has 1000 sheets of toilet paper you can expect to have a toilet paper roll last for a couple of days.

Let’s think about an individual. It is found that an American use over 20,000 sheets of toilet paper each year. More or less a roll has 1,000 sheets so an individual will need 20 rolls each year. So a toilet paper roll will last 18-19 days for an individual.

The Toilet Paper For The Environment

No matter what we use in our day to day life, we have to make sure that it doesn’t harm the environment in any way. This goes the same with the use of toilet paper as well. We have to pick a toilet paper that is best suited for the environment. With having such conscious choices we can ensure a better future for our future generations.

You can’t escape using the toilet papers for personal hygiene purposes. So why not use the toilet paper for the environment?

Well, the well-suited toilet papers have some certain characteristics that make all these environment-friendly. Among all the brands the toilet papers are made with absolute recycled papers and no chlorine is not used while processing it.

Even if these types of toilet papers are environment-friendly it lacks some lucrative features that a toilet paper offer. The most environmentally-friendly toilet paper is not soft, perfectly textured, amazingly perfumed or highly decorated. But undoubtedly it will be able to keep the environment harmless in the best possible way.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Toilet Paper for Septic

There are a few things to consider before buying the perfect toilet paper for septic Tanks. As it is being already told earlier if the toilet paper gets accumulated in the septic tank it can seriously damage it. So you have to choose the toilet paper crucially considering these things;

Dissolve into Water

You have to consider if the toilet paper gets dissolve into water easily. If it gets dissolved easily then this is the one you should choose. It will not create any blockage.

Chlorine Free

You have to make sure the toilet paper that you are going to use is chlorine-free.


The softer toilet paper is the more easily it will dissolve into water.


You have to check out the strength a toilet paper brings on the table.


You will have to find out the absorbing capacity of a toilet paper. The more it can absorb the water or other things the better it is.

Septic safe toilet paper

You have to check if there is a septic safe toilet paper mark in the packaging of the toilet paper. This marking in the packaging indicates that this toilet paper will not harm your septic tank in any way. It will also mean that this toilet paper will dissolve into the water pretty easily. So these things must be considered before buying any toilet paper to make it septic friendly

Septic safe toilet paper

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question: Is there any substitute for the Best Toilet Paper?

Answer: Yes there is. You can use facial tissue paper but it has the chance of clogging in your toilet so it would be much better if you choose to use toilet paper instead. But just like the Indians and People from the middle east you can choose to use your hand and wash it away with water. It totally depends a lot on your preference actually.

Question: What is the difference between Toilet Paper Vs Tissue Paper?

Answer: These both actual tissue papers but there are some differences. Toilet papers mostly come in a roll whereas tissue paper comes in a box or bag. Tissue papers are made in a way that is used as your facial tissue but toilet paper is made to use in the toilet to maintain personal cleanliness. The toilet paper is thinner as it gets dissolved into the water very quickly.

Final Words

Septic system is very important for the toilet. If it gets clogged in any way it will cost you a fortune. But most importantly your bathroom will become unusable and that is very scary for someone. So, to avoid such incidents you will have to pick the in the market. They say prevention is always better than the cure.

In this case also just being a little bit conscious from the beginning you can ensure your septic system is safe from any unusual occurrence. So while choosing best toilet paper for septic for your day to day use, pick it very consciously so that you don’t have to regret it later.