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Top 12 Best Mini Crib Mattress – [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Having a baby at home makes a big difference. From the hearty laughs and mere smiles to the high-pitch cries in the middle of the night, a baby is definitely adorable and patience-testing at the same time.

As responsible parents, you should understand the importance of giving the best to your child. And this includes the best mini crib mattress that will ensure your baby sleep comfortably.

However, you may want to give your baby the right mini crib but find it hard to find the perfect one in the market as there are many mattress brands. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the best crib mattress in the market in 2021. This will help you have an easier time picking the right one. Investing in a quality mini crib mattress can make it easier for you to make your baby sleep fast.

Keep reading our detailed guide to know the right mini crib mattress to buy for your baby.

Here is the list of the top 12 Best Mini Crib Mattress 

With this information, you are now in a better position to choose the right best mini crib mattress reviews for your baby. Here the top 12 models in 2021;

1.Moonlight Slumber Dual Sided Baby Crib Mattress

best mini crib mattress

Looking for the best crib mattress for your infant or toddler? The Moonlight Slumber best crib mattress is a dual-sided mattress that is safe for most children. It is eco-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about your baby becoming exposed to toxic materials like PVC, Vinyl, or Polyethylene. One thing why this crib mattress is becoming popular is the reasonable price tag for its value.

The Little Dreamer comes with multiple layers to ensure more comfort and support. The medical-grade nylon cover is tightly knit to make it waterproof. Better yet, in case your toddler stains the cover, it’s easy to wipe with a damp cloth. It’s anti-microbial featuring a hypoallergenic finish, which should keep off any harmful irritants from your infant.

The inner layer is made of natural polyurethane foam, which ensures firmness for proper back and neck support. As you possibly know, young children need a hard surface to develop muscles. This mattress is firm to encourage your toddler to roll and push their hands and knees. It’s safe for young babies as the edges offer enough support to prevent sinking and reduce the chance of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

The Moonlight Slumber Mattress features a square corner design that helps to prevent sagging, which could pose a health risk to your baby. It has dimensions of 52 X 27.5 inches, which most customers agree that it fits in most toddler’s beds. Its 5 inches thick, which is perfect for most fitted sheets and standard cribs.


  • It offers excellent support
  • Has a hypoallergenic waterproof cover
  • Dual-sided with foam density


  • It’s relatively pricey

2.Moonlight Slumber - Little Star Crib Mattress

best crib mattress models for babies

Moonlight Slumber is a renowned brand in the mattress niche and has provided quality babies and maternity products for close to two decades now. And Little Star Organic Crib mattress is not an exception. This mattress has been independently tested and proven to be safe for the baby and parent.

With 5-inches depth and 2 stage sleeping system and one side is extra firm with infusion of this mattress is among the best crib mattress models for babies. The other side is made of pressure-reducing latex that is not only antibacterial and temperature-regulating, but also excellent comfortable.

you can have peace of mind knowing that your baby will lay comfortably at night thanks to its comfort non-toxic material. This dual-sided mattress use medical-grade, high quality foam that is lead-free, PVC-free, and phthalates-free. The mattress is also water-resistant, and thus will not leak in baby’s messes. It is also easy to clean.


  • It is made of quality, medical-grade foam that is safe for your baby
  • Features safe-sealed seams that are dust-mite and bed bug resistant
  • The mattress is made in USA, and thus has met all the quality and performance test quality
  • Comes with a removable cover that is soft and water-resistant. The cover is machine-washable hence easy to clean


  • Could have been made bigger- it is quite slim

3.Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress

best mini crib mattress

Here is an excellent choice for your crib needs both in terms of quality and price. It is made of durable foam that should last a long time while giving you kids the comfort they deserve. Graco Premium Mattress is US-made with safe materials. It comes in a neat package, and the set-up is a breeze because there is little for you to do – take it out and give it enough time to decompress.

This fantastic toddler mattress has a water-resistant quilted polyester cover that helps to keep your child dry. Also, in case of spills and stains, you can easily wipe off using a damp cloth. It is also made using anti-microbial and antistatic substances to keep your toddler stay safe.

Another nifty feature of the mattress is the dual-sidedness, thanks to the support it offers for both infants and toddlers. The polyurethane foam used ensures just the right balance of firmness to accommodate your kid down the road. It’s firm enough for infants and softer and comfy for a toddler.

This Graco crib mattress offers excellent breathability to ensure smooth air circulation for your baby. The foam core comes with airflow technology for the best results. The polyester cover also adds to its breathability.


  • Made to last
  • Offers excellent breathability
  • offers superb support
  • Great value


  • It may have a unique scent in the beginning

4.Official Amazon Exclusive NapYou Dual Comfort Crib Mattress

best toddler mattress

Are you looking for the best toddler mattress? The NapYou Dual Comfort Mattress is an ideal option. It is dual-sided, meaning your kid can use either side for pleasure. The firm sided is recommended for infants while the soft plush side is designed for toddlers. Luckily, it is made using long-lasting materials hence you can use it for years to come.

The NapYou Dual Comfort is made with comfort and safety for kids in mind. The inside layer is a memory foam that should keep your kid comfortable all through the night. The foam ensures proper posture for your baby’s back and neck. Also, it has the right bounce to ensure better sleep and keep your child safe.

The cover is made of cotton to provide comfort and enhance breathability. Because of the excellent airflow, the mattress cools down faster to prevent overheating your toddler. It has round corners, and superior edges to prevent sagging and ensure it fits perfectly into pack n play. Cleaning this mattress is an easy task, thanks to a waterproof cover.

This NapYou mattress weighs 10.75 pounds and is foldable, which makes it portable in case you need to travel. Besides, there is a decent carry bag to make it even easier to store. It has dimensions of 30 by 9 inches to fit nicely in any standardized crib and toddler’s bed. It is certified by CertiPUR-US foam, which ensures the materials used are suitable for your baby health.


  • Safe for toddlers and infants
  • Has a waterproof cover that makes cleaning easier
  • Suitable for most standard cribs


  • A few customers said the cover could be challenging to remove

5.Dream On Me 3" Playard Mattress

best mini crib mattress reviews

Dream On Me is a US-based company that produces high-quality accessories and furniture for infants and toddlers. The award-winning company provides safe and comfortable sleeping products such as the dream on Me Playard mattress. It has gained popularity among parents, and for a good reason.

The mattress comes with dimensions of 37.5" L x 25.5" W x 3" H, allowing it to fit any baby crib nicely. It can accommodate infants and toddlers of up to 25 pounds. The Playard mattress is composed of 10% vinyl and 90% foam, describing its comfy and cozy nature. This combination is proven to be long-lasting, coupled with the outstanding craftsmanship of this mattress.

One of its unique features is the designated area for your toddler to play games. This may not make sense for infants, but toddlers may find this playground pleasurable before falling to sleep. The mattress is also waterproof to keep your child dry and make it easy to clean in case of spills. The Playard mattress passes every toxicity and flammability test, so you can rest assured your baby is safe.

If you are looking for a child-friendly mattress, pick the dream on Me Playard mattress to help your little one to achieve unmatched comfort.


  • It is portable
  • It has a pocket-friendly price
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It’s safe


  • Not recommended for babies with more than 25 pounds

6.Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed - Waterproof

best mini crib mattresses

Many new parents love to watch their bundle of joy as much as possible. But of course, you have to get quality sleep. With this innovative mattress, you can sleep comfortably knowing that your baby will not suffocate as it features a woven design and made of breathable material.

The Wovenaire material that is created by weaving together polymer in water creates a 3D cushion that prevents your baby from suffocating. The breathability will be of great benefit especially when your little one starts to roll over as it reduces the risk of suffocating. With this peace of mind, you can sleep better at night.

In terms of quality, this mattress is up there with most other premium mini crib mattresses. Although not made from organic materials, it is made of materials that are free of toxic chemicals. It has GreenGuard Gold certification, which means it is approved for use by children and the elderly. With low volatile organic compound emissions and lack of allergens, foam, springs, and latex, you can rest assured that your baby is in a safe mattress.

The mattress is made from durable polymer, which means that your baby can use it till he/she becomes a toddler. And although it is majorly made of air, it doesn’t compress with use.

It also features a protective outer cover that is made of polyester material, which you can wash by either hand or machine.


  • The breathable design makes this mattress safer for the infant
  • It is completely washable
  • Durable thanks to quality materials
  • It is hypoallergenic, and thus prevent the buildup of bacteria and microbes


  • The cover may not be comfortable for your baby to sleep on without a sheet
  • Quite pricey compared to other mattresses

7.Lotus Travel Crib - Backpack Portable

best travel crib mattress

The Lotus is one of the best and lightweight travel cribs on the market. It also comes with a comfortable mattress. And although this is a crib in its entirety, we will focus more on its mattress.

When it comes to quality, all the things that come with this best travel crib mattress, including the mattress are high quality and have no harmful chemicals. It has a high safety rating since there are no PVC, leads, or flame retardants used in its composition.

With GreenGuard Gold Certification, it means that this crib, together with its comfortable mattress is tested and proven to not have toxic chemicals. This means that it is BPA-free, and lead-free. With side panels made out of a mesh material that allows air to flow in freely, it means that your child cannot get suffocated if they roll over onto the corner or side of this crib.

For families that travel a lot, this travel crib and its mattress are ideal.


  • It is made of high-quality materials
  • No harmful materials used in its construction
  • It's washable
  • Comes with backpack-style carrying case


  • The mattress is quite thin and thus might not be comfortable for your baby when they start adding weight

8.Milliard Premium Memory Foam Hypoallergenic Infant Crib Mattress

best Memory Foam mattress

The Milliard Premium best Memory Foam mattress offers the perfect combination of support and comfort for your baby from head to toe. With this mattress, your little one can have restful sleep, and thus develop healthily.

Constructed of a quality and firm foam base and topped with a quality layer of memory foam, this crib mattress will last longer. Its solid construction ensures that it retains its shape and prevent it from bottoming out over time, all while offering ultimate support and supreme comfort.

The ultra-soft bamboo cover makes it softer and waterproof. What’s more, this material is machine-washable which makes its cleaning convenient.

It is designed to offer maximum airflow so as to self-regulate sleep temperature. Also, its unique technology helps with weight distribution and this contributes to restful sleep. The superior 3lb. construction means that it will not lose its shape, which makes it supersedes many mattresses in its category.

The top layer of the Form base as well as memory foam offers luxurious support that won’t bottom out. What’s more, the soft plush bamboo cover that comes with this mattress is waterproof and machine-washable.

Overall, the Milliard Premium Memory Foam meets all the industry standards, and it has low VOC emissions. It is also free of lead, heavy metals, and mercury. This foam is tested and certified by accredited testing labs, and thus is safe for your baby.


  • It is hypoallergenic, which means it will not be irritating for your baby’s sensitive skin
  • Certified by independent labs and thus has no harmful toxins
  • Removable, waterproof, machine-washable cover
  • It is durable


  • Takes some time for its ‘new’ smell to go away

9.Dream On Me, 3 Inch Foam Pack and Play Mattress

best foam mattress

Dream On Me 3-inch best foam mattress fits most mini cribs as it measures 37.5 inches by 25.5 inches, by 3 inches height. It is made to create a comfortable sleeping and playing environment for your baby. What’s more, this exceptional mattress has a waterproof cover that wipes clean with water and mild soap. Its antibacterial properties keep your baby safe.

In terms of quality, this mattress stands out from the rest. Dream On Me values quality and all their mattresses have to meet the Federal Flammability (16 CFR 1632 /1633), and this one is not an exception. It is also lead- and phthalates-free to ensure the safety of your baby.

Made to provide supreme comfort and ultimate support for your baby, this mattress will ensure your baby is growing healthily.

What’s more, it features perimeter border-wires that ensures this mattress doesn’t sag. This keeps the sides, edges, and corners of this mini crib mattress firm. It also maintains the shape of the mattress for extra safety. What’s more, it has lock-stitched binding that is essential as it ensures the edges don’t unravel and create safety issues for your baby. Overall, this material is constructed in a keen and unique way with quality materials

In addition to its comfort, this mattress has hypo-allergenic components, insulation, and water-proofing components, as well as air-flow systems, all of which contribute to making it easier to keep your baby’s bedding sparkling clean.

The laminated waterproof covers are also stain-resistant and keep liquids from dripping into the mattress. This prevents mildew, mold, and odors from forming. Also, the air-flow pockets help to keep the mattress fresh and free of odors.

Finally, it has a GreenGuard Certification which means that all the materials used to make this mattress are tested for low toxic chemical emission and also have met the health and safety standards needed for babies’ materials.


  • Antibacterial to prevent mold and mildew formation
  • It is lead-free hence safe
  • Wipes clean easily
  • Comes with 30-day warranty
  • Has GreenGuard certification and thus has met safety standards


  • Not foldable and thus hard to travel with

10.Hiccapop Pack and Play Mattress Pad [Dual Sided]

Hiccapop Pack and Play Mattress Pad

Pack and Play Mattress by Hiccapop is one of the best mini crib mattress models on the market today. The mattress has different firmness levels on either side, which means that it can be used even when your baby has transited to a toddler.

The firmer side is firmer and bouncier, which helps your baby to sleep better and also promote healthier spine alignment of your baby. The softer side is meant for toddlers as it can support your baby’s body as they sleep.

With a waterproof cover, you can rest assured that accidental messes and urine will not leak into the mattress. It is also made with memory foam, which is soft for your baby to sleep comfortably. Hiccapop mattress is also highly resistant to mildew and mold thanks to the lock-stitch binding that keeps stains and liquids from the mattress.

The corners have great edge support that ensures a snug fit, which prevent safety issues. In other words, there are no unsafe spaces at the corners or sides of the mattresses. The portable mini-crib mattress is cozier and thicker and ensures ultimate support.

The Jacquard cover is easy to remove thanks to the zipper around it. Washing this cover is easier as it is machine-washable. What’s more, this Hiccapop mattress is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and resistant to dust mites and bed bugs. This mattress has met all the comprehensive and rigorous standards for safety and durability.


  • Has a double-sided design
  • It comes with a stain-resistant and waterproof cover
  • Offers decent support
  • Made of hypoallergenic and antibacterial materials


  • The cover tends to shrink a little bit after washing

11.Delta Children Deluxe Sweet Beginnings Bedside Bassinet

Delta Children Deluxe Sweet Beginnings Bedside Bassinet

This is not a mattress on itself, but it is a bedside bassinet that comes with a comfortable mattress. Constructed of durable and attractive materials, this bedside bassinet features a gender-neutral design and a contemporary look. It blends well with many interior decors and also features a music module that plays great, soothing lullabies for your baby to make him/her sleep fast.

It also features dual storage basket underneath where you can store diapers, linens, and newborn necessities.

This bassinet comes with a quality mattress that is made of safe materials that are lead-free. The mattress is soft and supportive of the baby’s body to help him sleep better at night.

Give your newborn a comfortable and safe place to rest and sleep with this bedside bassinet that comes with a quality mattress. All the materials used to make the Delta Children Bedside Bassinet are quality and are also rigorously tested to meet all the needs of your baby in a safe manner.


  • This bassinet comes with a quality mattress
  • The mattress is soft and thus comfortable for your baby
  • The whole bassinet is easy to assemble


  • The bassinet mattress is thin

12.Delta Children Twinkle Stars Fiber Core Crib and Toddler Mattress 

 mini crib mattress

Your bundle of joy deserves to get replenishing sleep and this Core Crib and Toddler Mattress from Delta Children guarantees that. At the core of this mattress, the thermo-bonded fiber construction offers ultimate support and firmness that your baby or toddler needs.

This mattress has square corners that ensure a secure and snug fit into the crib, while the waterproof, durable cover makes it easier for one to clean up the messes thereby helping to keep the mattress in tip-top condition. The mattress cover, which is made of waterproof vinyl cover locks out moisture and stains thereby enabling easier clean-up.

The mattress has square corners enable it to snug-n-fit into the mini-crib or toddler’s bed making it easy to use. It is also lightweight and fits in most standard toddler’s bed and cribs.


  • It offers ideal support for the baby thanks to thermo-bonded polyester fiber
  • Quality construction making it durable
  • Features a lightweight design
  • It is perfectly sized to fit in most standard cribs


  • The mattress is very light and can make rustling sound if the baby moves a lot

Things To Consider Before Buying Guide Best Mini Crib Mattress

It is easier to get confused as to which mini crib mattress to buy, but you can minimize room for error by keeping these buying tips in mind;

Consider safety

The very first thing you should consider when buying the best crib mattress is to look at its safety. A safe mattress should be made of breathable materials to avoid suffocation. Your baby will often rollover, and you should ensure that the mattress you are getting will not suffocate them when they are asleep.

Also, look for a mattress that is made of toxic-free and chemical-free materials. This way, they will not pose a health threat to your baby.


The size of your mattress will be dictated by the size of your crib. It is important that you get a mattress that has dimensions that will fit snugly into the crib. Many mattresses fit in standard cribs and toddler beds, but it is always important to counter check. Since you are buying it online, take measurements of your mini crib and now use the measurement to buy the mattress that will fit in it.

Quality of mattress

On top of safety and size, it is important that you check the quality of materials of the mattress. This is for purposes of durability and comfort of your baby. Some mattress such as wool and cotton are soft and comfortable for your baby, yet durable.

If possible, get mattresses that are made of organic materials, although they tend to be pricier. Although those that are made of chemical-free materials are also good.


Crib mattresses should have a polyethylene or vinyl surfaces to make them waterproof and leak-proof. Therefore, make sure the mattress you are buying is waterproof.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Mini Crib Mattress?

Sometimes called a portable crib, a mini crib mattress is a more compact and smaller version of a full-size crib mattress. This is a mattress designed to fit into a wooden framework that contains crib rails at the bottom.

This mattress is intended to promote quality, uninterrupted sleep for your baby, which is essential for your child’s development.

When selecting a mini crib mattress, don’t just choose any mattress, make a careful selection as choosing the right mattress will significantly affect your kid’s growth and development.

What To Look For In a Mini Crib Mattress?

There are plenty of portable mattresses for kids in the market. If you try to shop for one without knowing what type of mattress you need, you may end up getting overwhelmed by the many choices in the market, and you might choose an incorrect one.

To reduce room for errors, here are the things you need to consider when buying a best crib mattress;


A baby’s skin is very sensitive, which is why you should consider purchasing the best crib mattress made of organic material such as wool or cotton. If possible, try to get one certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. Chemical-free and natural materials are the most-friendly when it comes to the baby’s skin.


Babies will always mess, and everyone is aware of that. They might even wet themselves on the mattress. That’s why you should get a waterproof crib mattress that has organic pads or non-vinyl waterproof cover instead of those with a plastic covering that are known to have high volatile organic compounds


Some mini crib mattresses contain a large amount of volatile organic compounds that might be toxic to your baby. Therefore, go for those with green guard certification or even gold standard certification because they have a low amount of volatile organic compounds.


A crib mattress should be firm to give your baby enough support. Avoid soft, squishy mattresses as they can interfere with your baby bone development.

What do hypoallergenic mattresses have that differ from standard mattress?

Hypoallergenic mattresses are designed to prevent allergic reactions. They come with tight-sealed edges and surfaces to prevent body oils and dead skin cells from infusing into their internal surface.

In turn, this prevents dust mites from infesting your mattress. Dust mites are known to cause allergy in humans, and thus by keeping them away, your baby will not experience allergies.

Why should you err on the smaller side when buying mattresses?

A smaller mattress will fit well in many cribs. Besides, buying a large mattress means that you will need a larger space and might even not fit in your mini crib.

How do I clean a mattress?

Well, to avoid a lot of clean-up work, get a mattress with a waterproof cover. This saves you from the hassles of cleaning it. If you buy a mattress that is not waterproof, you can use vinegar, water solution, and baking soda to clean it. You can also refer to the manual.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying the best mini crib mattress, quality should be paramount to price. You shouldn’t compromise on quality for the sake of your baby’s safety and health. We have analyzed and reviewed the best and most quality mattresses.

All of the mattresses in this guide are quality and worth the money. We hope that you have found the right one!