Best Linoleum Floor Cleaner- [Best Floor Cleaner Reviews of 2021]

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The linoleum floor is getting popular again for its durable nature and retro look. People are starting to realize the advantages of a linoleum floor over a budget option like vinyl. Linoleum is eco-friendly, free of allergy compounds, and a joy to walk on.

Linoleum has natural anti-bacterial properties that protect it from mildew and mould growth. If you use the best linoleum floor cleaner for your linoleum, it’ll last up to 40 years even at places with crowds.

Please organize the following tools before cleaning the linoleum.

  • Dust mop
  • Microfiber mop or nap
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Towels
  • Nylon brush
  • Linoleum floor cleaner

Tips: It’s best to vacuum and clean the floor before using the floor cleaner.

Best Linoleum Floor Cleaner Reviews of 2021

Here we listed the best 5-floor cleaner for linoleum that cleans, shines, protects, and saves the environment.

1.Seventh generation professional concentrated floor cleaner

best linoleum floor cleaner


  • USDA certified and 99% biobased product
  • Environment-friendly biodegradable solution
  • Works with greywater
  • Free of chlorine bleach, VOCs and odours
  • Contains pH neutral solution which is safe for sensitive skins
  • Contains plant-based elements


  • Net weight: 8 lbs
  • Manufacturer: Unilever Div Conopco Inc
  • 1:128 dilution

I was looking for a floor cleaner that won’t leave any film or streak marks. It will be free of any chemical agents and remove soil with ease. I gave the Seventh generation professional concentrated floor cleaner a try.

The name seemed fancy, but I was sceptical about its claim. After I poured some diluted floor cleaner solution on my living room linoleum floor, well, it was perfect. And I haven’t felt any irritation in my skin.

The floor cleaner came in a durable white plastic container. With no VOCs, I can rest easy knowing my kids are not breathing in any harmful chemical release.

And the absence of chlorine bleach is a blessing for my wife and me. Back in the old days, I remember picking up some random floor cleaners and face burned skin surface and severe migraines. Later we found out how harmful the chlorine bleach is for our skin.

Reasons to buy the seventh generation professional concentrated floor cleaner

  • I like that there isn’t a distinctive odour to deal with.
  • It’s a natural plant-based floor cleaner which is also sustainable for our environment.
  • It won’t leave any marks on your beautiful linoleum floor.

Let me make a bold statement. To me, the seventh generation is the best floor cleaner for linoleum because there are only a handful of industries which are dedicated to leaving a green planet behind for generations to come

Instructions: Use 1 ounce of solution to make a gallon of floor cleaner


  • Contains no harmful chemical agents
  • It’s not harsh for your skin
  • Cleans well without leaving any stains, steaks, films, and irritating odor


  • None so far

2.Rejuvenate Professional Wood floor restorer and polish

best cleaner for linoleum floor


  • Available in three different sizes: 16 Oz, 32 Oz, 128 Oz.
  • Dries out with within 45 minutes
  • Excellent for Vinyl, marble, Terracotta, linoleum, and many types of hardwoods
  • It’s VOC certified
  • Made in the USA


  • Net weight: 2. 3 lbs ( 32 Oz bottle), 1 lb ( 16 Oz bottle ), 9 lbs ( 128 Oz bottle )
  • Manufacturer: Rejuvenate
  • Volume: 32 fluid ounces

The Rejuvenate all floors restorer and polish is the best cleaner for linoleum floor. You can also use this cleaner for other hard floors such as marble, vinyl, terracotta etc. It’s well-known for its cleaning, shining, and sealing properties.

If you have any small cracks, holes, or chips on your beautiful linoleum floor, the Rejuvenate all floors restorer will protect you from scratches and seal the damaged part. Along with a shiny and clean finish, you’ll also get a specified 50% traction.

The Rejuvenate all floors restorer became famous for its versatile usability. Perfect for personal and commercial use. Because the floor cleaner and restorer also works on water and polymer-based floors.

Reasons to buy the Rejuvenate All Floors restorer

  • The formula is toxin-free
  • You’ll have a shiny finish as well as increased traction.
  • Usable with the microfiber mop boney.
  • Restores shine, cleans, and protects all kinds of floors.
  • You can cover 650 sq—Ft. Room with a 32 Oz bottle.

Instructions: First of all, there’s no need for dilution. And to get the best result and protection for months, you have to use a double coating. Wait for 2 hours before applying the second coat


  • Shines seals and fills up scratches with a layer for protection
  • Prevents damages from UV.
  • Excellent for personal and professional purpose


  • Absolutely none

3.EcoGen ECOFLR- GCS Commercial Floor Cleaner Concentrate

best linoleum floor cleaner


  • Four one-gallon cases of commercially concentrated floor cleaner.
  • Works on different types of soil: grease, animal fats, dirt, extrusion compounds etc.
  • Works on different types of floor: oiled floors of restaurants and commercial kitchens, marble, tile, vinyl, linoleum.
  • Usable in automatic floor scrubber machine
  • No irritability on sensitive skins


  • Net weight: 36 lbs ( 4 packs )
  • Manufacturer: EcoGen cleaner
  • Dilution ratio: 1: 20- 1: 64

I love the way manufacturers are focusing on eco-friendly, harmless cleaning agents these days. I’ve used the EcoGen ECOFLR- GCS commercial floor cleaner a couple of times in my living room. I loved the way this floor cleaner eliminated the grease off my linoleum floor.

And there are no fumes or smell after I washed with this floor cleaner. I also haven’t experienced any irritability despite having sensitive skin. I also loved the fact this floor cleaner works on different types of floors such as vinyl, tile, marble, and of course, linoleum.

Once you apply this floor cleaner solution on the floor, it successfully absorbs and rid off any dirt, soils, or other stains. It’s a toxin-free floor cleaner that is also biodegradable. That means you won’t have to worry about any harm due to environmental exposures.

Reasons to buy the EchoGen ECOFLR- GCS Commercial Floor Cleaner Concentrate.

  • You don’t have to worry about any odors.
  • The floor cleaner will decompose after disposal.
  • It’s a toxin and chlorine bleach-free floor cleaner agent.

Instructions: If you want to use it in your home, then dilute 2-3 ounces of the solution in a gallon of water. But for commercial floors, you need to mix 4-6 ounces for one gallon.


  • Works with a mop and mechanical scrubber
  • Versatile use ensures user flexibility
  • Toxin, odour, chlorine bleach-free harmless floor cleaner


  • It’s not VOC certified

4.Zep multi-surface floor cleaner ( Spray mop refill )

best floor cleaner for linoleum


  • A streak-free cleaning solution
  • Excellent for hard surfaces like tile, marble and linoleum
  • Compatible with the refillable spray mop
  • Have a refreshing smell


  • Met weight: 2 lbs
  • Manufacturer: Zap
  • Ready to use floor cleaner solution

Are you looking for an instant floor cleaner? Look no further, Zep multi-surface floor cleaner is easy to use, and it’s refillable. If you want an actionable floor cleaner without having to deal with the dilution process, the Zep multi-surface floor cleaner is the one you need.

You could say it’s an all-rounder floor cleaner. I love its versatile nature. You can apply this floor cleaner for any type of hard surface, including linoleum. It’s a professional-grade floor cleaner. That means no matter how dirty, greasy, or stained your linoleum floor gets; it’ll wipe everything off.

Reasons to buy the Zep multi-surface floor cleaner.

  • You don’t need to mix it with water. Just fill it in a spray mop, and you are ready to go.
  • The floor cleaner will not only clean your linoleum floor; it’ll deodorize, and restore that shiny new look.
  • The floor cleaner has a pH formula, with ammonia and bleach-free fragrance that gives a refreshing feeling.

Instructions: There’s no need for dilution. You use the floor cleaner directly on the linoleum floor. For maximum effectiveness, sweep, wipe, and dry the floor with a vacuum cleaner afterward.


  • You can use it on different types of hard floors.
  • It cleans, shines, and leaves a refreshing scent.
  • Great floor cleaner for a reasonable price tag.


  • You need to purchase a spray bottle.

5.Zep Neutral pH floor cleaner concentrate

best homemade floor cleaner for linoleum


  • Works on marble, vinyl, stone, linoleum floor
  • Doesn’t require any dilution
  • Provides a shiny finish
  • It doesn’t work on surfaces that get harmed by water
  • Anti-slip pro-grade formula


  • Net weight: 8 lbs
  • Manufacturer: Zep
  • Neutral formula

If you are looking for a neutral floor cleaning solution, then this Zep Neutral pH floor cleaner is a perfect choice. It has an alkaline and acid level below 7. What that means is your beautiful and expensive linoleum floor won’t rust away with the dust and stains.

You also don’t need to dilute this floor cleaner. Just spray, mop, dry, and see the result as the floor gets a glossy finish. After washing the floor, the cleanser leaves a layer of protection that lasts nearly a day. That’s why your floor won’t get any hill mark after using the cleaner.

You can use this floor cleaner for any kind of water-friendly surfaces. For the best possible result, try to use a microfiber mop. It distributes the solution evenly on the floor.

Reasons to buy the Zep Neutral pH floor cleaner concentrate.

  • It doesn’t have an elevated level of alkaline and acidic agents that harms our floors as well as our hands.
  • Works well on home and public floors.
  • You can use it on any type of laminated floor without causing any damages.
  • Excellent for removing dirt, stain, grease, and any types of the mark and provides a perfect glossy finish after you are done cleaning with this floor cleaner concentrate.

Instructions: For the best outcome, use a microfiber mop. Give a vacuum beforehand and use a floor steamer if you have any. The after result will amaze you.


  • It’s a neutral pH formulated floor cleaner concentrate; you won’t face any skin irritation and corrosion of your linoleum floor.
  • Applicable on sensitive surfaces like rubber, sealed concrete, marble, granite and any type of water-friendly floors


  • No VOC certification

What to Look for When Buying the Best Linoleum Floor Cleaner

There’s not a lot to discuss here. But you should at least look for the following things before throwing the best floor cleaner for linoleum in your buying cart.

Make sure it’s a Neutral pH Formula.

There are three contents available in a floor cleaner: acid, alkaline, or neutral. You can measure the alkaline of the floor cleaner with the pH scale that ranges from 1-14.

A floor cleaner that features pH neutral means the alkaline level is at seven or below 7. If the floor cleaner is not pH neutral, that means the alkaline could be greater than 7. In that case, it can damage the linoleum floor surface.

VOC floor cleaner

VOC means ” Volatile Organic Compounds “. You will find different groups of chemicals and gases that are very harmful to us. These gas compounds can be released by our surroundings like wood, air, paint, air fresheners, building materials etc.

That’s why you should choose a floor cleaner that has VOC certification. At least you won’t have to deal with polluted gas evaporate released by your floor cleaner.


Before you buy a floor cleaner, go through the ingredients. Look for a chemical component known as “Phthalates”. If that floor cleaner contains this particular chemical agent, run away.

Because this chemical is responsible for many kinds of respiratory diseases, hormone disruption, and burns to our skin. This type of floor cleaner is also harmful to plants and pets.

Biodegradable cleaner

The earth will thank you for using biodegradable floor cleaner. Floor cleaner contains such label breaks down from their chemical characteristics into particles that are readily decomposable. Such a floor cleaner is also easy on your hand and linoleum floor.


How to clean a yellow stain off my linoleum floor?

If you don’t have a floor cleaner, you can use distilled vinegar as a linoleum floor cleaner. First pour some distilled vinegar on the yellow stain. Then leave it for at least 15 minutes.

To make the solution more effective, add some baking soda with the vinegar. At last, wipe the floor clean with a microfiber mop cloth.

How can I make my linoleum floor shine?

First, you have to vacuum the floor to rid of dust and dirt. Then apply some floor cleaner on the linoleum floor. If you don’t have any floor cleaner, then mix 1 cup of ammonia with ½ gallon of warm water.

Gently apply the formula on the floor with a sponge or mop. Let it rest for 5-15 minutes. Now use a scrubber brush or scouring pad to clean the wax off the linoleum floor.

What is the most basic homemade floor cleaner solution?

I think dish soap or detergent solution is the best homemade floor cleaner for linoleum. To make the floor cleaning solution, you need only two thongs, water, and 1 tbsp of soap or detergent.

Why is my linoleum floor turning black?

There must be a build-up of mould on the linoleum surface. Dust particles, mildew and moisture, can fall trapped beareth the linoleum.

Scrutinize the tile surface. If you see some white or black discoloration, then there’s a possibility of mould and moisture build-up beneath the linoleum.

Is the Linoleum floor safe for us?

Yes, it is secure. But I suggest you wait for a week before start using the floor. Because brand new linoleum contains harmful linseed oil which takes about a week to dissipate completely. Apart from this, there aren’t any VOC fumes to worry about.


We listed the best linoleum floor cleaner that is also eco-friendly. Of course, you could choose a hard floor cleaner. And to be honest, that works better than the one that is water-based, mild, and environmentally friendly floor cleaner.

But I don’t think that extra harshness is worth the damage to our plants, soil, and pets. Our best choice is the Rejuvenate Professional Wood floor restorer and polish.

Because this particular floor cleaner hits all the marks to keep your beautiful linoleum floor shiny and well-protected.


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