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Top 10 Best Lawn Sweeper for Zero Turn of 2021

A perfectly maintained lawn definitely enhances the beauty and value of a home. But the truth is that maintaining a clean and clear lawn can be a difficult job, but you have to do it or hire someone to do it, which is either time consuming or expensive. But if you invest in the right gardening tools such as lawn sweepers, you can easily complete this work.

The best lawn sweeper for zero turns can help you to easily remove debris such as grass clippings, twigs, leaves, and any other waste you want to eliminate from your yard. These machines can help you save money and time when maintaining your yard. The lawn sweeper will not damage grass on your lawn when maintaining it.

Unfortunately, identifying the right lawn sweeper can be a lot of work. However, with us, you will have an easier time choosing the right lawn sweeper. Keep reading our review to learn more.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Best Lawn Sweeper for Zero Turn

What Is a Lawn Sweeper?

This is a machine that can replace your rake and save you from manually sweeping up leaves, grass clippings, acorns, and debris.

If you have a big yard and you dislike clean-up tasks, then a lawn sweeper is a good choice for you as it will save you time and sore muscles.

In addition to picking up leaves and grass clippings in your garden, this machine can also help you manage acorns, twigs, and pine cones. Keep in mind that the lawn sweeper will not be able to pick up big branches and sticks. This is a great machine to invest in if you have a big garden.

What To Look For In Lawn Sweeper?

Before purchasing a lawn sweeper, you need to keep these three main factors in mind to help you grab the right one;

Sweeping width

A lawn sweeper should make your work easier and thus the wider the sweeping path of your lawn sweeper, the better it is as it covers a larger area in one pass. Therefore, it is good that you choose a lawn sweeper with a wider path.

Size of your lawn

The size of your lawn dictates the type of sweeper you need. There are different types of lawn sweepers you can choose from. For instance, a push along lawn sweeper is good for medium-sized lawns of up to 2,000 square feet while a tow behind lawn tractor would suit people with larger lawns.

Hopper bag size

Hoppers hold the leaves swept and collected by the lawn sweeper. Once they get filled, you have to empty them. That’s why you should buy a lawn sweeper that has a large bag to lessen the time it takes to fill.

Now that you have an idea of the factors to consider, we can now the top 10 best lawn sweepers for zero turn reviews market;

1.Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper

best lawn sweeper for zero turns

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Agri-Fab is a respected and well-known American-based manufacturer of lawn devices. They have gained a great reputation by delivering sturdy and durable products. They are especially known for making spreaders, rollers, sweepers, groomers, etc. One of their latest product is AG-Fab 45-0492.

This is one of the best tow behind lawn sweepers. The lawn sweeper has quality brushes that are effective for cleaning all types of leaves. With its quality brushes, you will not have a single-lead or grass clip left behind as this lawn sweeper will leave you with a cleaner lawn.

This sweeper features two semi-pneumatic tires that allow you to easily transport your machine across your lawn.

Unlike much tow-behind lawn sweepers, this one features a 44-inch sweeping width, which means you can sweep a larger area, and thus save on time. Also, this tool can easily collect leaves and grass clippings instantly. What’s more, it also has a rake-like action when you are using it. Therefore, it sweeps debris, and grass clippings from flat and uneven lawn surfaces.

In terms of weight, you will not tire your body muscles as it is very lightweight. Made from tempered plastic and featuring semi-pneumatic wheels, this lawn sweeper is easier to navigate. The handles are made of steel and thus scratch-proof. This means it can stay in tip-top condition for a long time,

Every family member can use this product thanks to its height-adjustable body that is convenient to use. Also, the brushes are adjustable and thus you can lower or raise them to any height depending on your lawn surface.


– Easy-to-adjust height

– It is lightweight

– Made from durable tempered plastic

– Has a wide sweeping area for efficiency


– Self-maintenance can be difficult

2.Agri-Fab 45-0218 Push Lawn Sweeper

best push lawn sweeper

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This is another lawn sweeper from Agri-Fab, but now a push lawn sweeper. It’s lightweight, and thus you can use it to collect debris from your lawn easily. Its low weight makes it possible for you to hang it up in your garage or shed for storage.

The hopper bag is removable and thus can be disconnected when you want to empty it. With a hopper bag capacity of 7 cubic feet, this hopper bag is fairly small and may need to be emptied now and then, especially if you have a lot of fallen leaves in your garden. This makes this lawn hopper ideal for small lawns of up to 2000 sq. ft. Featuring a 26-inch wide brush, this sweeper can be used in small and moderately-sized yards.

Users recommend it because of how solid it is in spite of its lightweight nature as well as its effectiveness in picking small debris such as pine needles and acorns from lawns. It can also collect big leaves and works best on even ground as the brush can get low enough to allow you to collect even the smallest of the debris.

It is also easy to use and compacts well when you want to store it. What’s more, assembling this sweeper is quite straightforward and you will not need an expert to help you with that


– It is easy to assemble and use

– This lawn sweeper is well-built

– It is lightweight, and thus will not tire you

– Easy to store


– Being one of the best push lawn sweeper models in the market, we didn’t expect it to have a weak hopper bag

3.CRAFTSMAN CMXGZBF7124266 Lawn Sweeper

best lawn sweeper for zero turns

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One of the features that make a lawn sweeper be termed the best is the ability to pick debris easily. Whether that’s pine needles, leaves, or grass clippings, the Craftsman Hi-Speed Tow Lawn Sweeper excels in all these aspects and thus will leave your lawn in pristine condition always.

Not only does this lawn sweeper stands out, but it is also ideal for most lawns. With a Flow-through hopper bag’s advanced flow technology, it means that the bag fills up to capacity before it needs emptying. Emptying it is also easy as it has a pull string; you don’t have to get off the tractor to pull the sweeper. In total, this hopper can hold up to 22 cubic feet of grass clippings a

With 42-inches of width and its shouting red color, this lawn sweeper will stand out. It features a universal hitch, which means that it will connect to most tractors.

With its reinforced brushes that lowers to the ground, you can clean your lawn and collect all the twigs, leaves, and other debris that makes your lawn untidy.


– It is easy to use and emptying the bag is easy as well

– Has adjustable reinforced brushes to handle different lawn terrains

– Heavy-duty steel housing makes it durable

– Has a 42-inches sweeping path, which means that you will be able to work on your lawn within a short time

– Has wheels with diamond tread to offer optimal traction when you are towing


– Poor packaging

4.Scotts LSW70026S Lawn Sweeper

best push lawn sweepers

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This green Push Lawn Sweeper from Scotts is among the best push lawn sweepers in the market. Featuring steel handles that are padded with foam, you will have an easier time pushing it on your lawn. The unit features three brushes that cover 26 inches of width with each pass this sweeper makes. It has a hopper that can hold up to 3.6 bushels of waste.

What’s more, this sweeper is designed to be easy to use and you can make adjustments to the height of its brushes by turning a button. Removing the hopper from this sweeper and emptying it is easy. All you need to do is to turn the bag.

This versatile sweeper can pick grass clippings, leaves, pine needles, and more. Therefore, you can rest assured that it will do a thorough job of cleaning your yard.

If you are looking for a lawn sweeper that is easy to move around, Scotts Push Lawn Sweeper will suit your needs. In terms of storage, this sweeper folds up compactly and you can also easily hang it on the wall.


– It is easy to use and you can easily empty the bag

– Easy storage as it folds up easily. It is also light enough to hook on a wall in your garage

– Has three rotating brushes to ensure thorough cleaning of your lawn

– Dial-in height adjustment for more efficiency

– Has a 3.63-bushel hopper that is easy to empty


– Cannot pick very large debris but does a great job at picking grass clippings

 5.Agri-Fab 45-0320 Lawn Sweeper

Agri-Fab 45-0320 Lawn Sweeper

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The Agri-Fab 45-O320 is a tow-style lawn sweeper, which means that you don’t have to pull or push it around as the riding tractor or mower will do most of the work for you. This sweeper is pretty heft in terms of size and weight. Weighing up to 77 pounds and measuring 50.8 inches by 22 inches by 15 inches, this means it is a sizeable lawn sweeper.

It has a sweeping path of 42 inches, which means that it suits medium-sized and large-sized lawns. As for storage, this lawn sweeper comes with a generous 12 cubic feet hopper. The hopper detaches and attaches easily and thus you don’t have to worry about emptying it.

This machine has a foldable design for ease of storage. You can store it uprightly with ease. Its 11 inches by 2.5 inches semi-pneumatic wheels make movement easy. The wheels run smoothly and navigate well on uneven lawns. Speaking of uneven lawns, this two lawn sweeper from Agri-Fab has a height adjustability feature.

What’s more, this tow lawn sweeper comes with a 3-year limited warranty, which proves that this machine is durable.

In terms of assembly, you will have an easy time assembling the parts thanks to the assistance of videos on YouTube.

This lawn sweeper also features a windscreen that prevents wind from blowing away the collected debris back to your lawn. Also, it comes with a rope handle that allows you to dump the trash from your tractor seat.


– It is easy to use

– It is affordable as compared to most other lawn sweepers in its category

– Very easy to dump debris from the tractor seat

– Comes with a 3-year limited warranty

– The brush height is easy to adjust

– Can work well on uneven terrain


– It is a little bit heavier

– Its build quality could be made better

6.Agri-Fab Inc Lawn Sweeper

best lawn sweeper

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This is an efficient sweeper that will save you a lot of time and effort in taking care of your lawn so that you can focus on other productive things. Unlike most other lawn sweepers that call need you to empty the bag on a consistent basis, this one features a flow-through hopper that fills to capacity. This helps to minimize the number of trips you need to make to empty the hopper.

The sweeper is easy to assemble and takes a few minutes to set it up. If you are looking for a lawn sweeper that offers maximum performance, then this is the ideal sweeper. With a brush height adjustment level, you will be able to collect even the smallest of debris to leave your lawn in pristine condition.

This machine is made in the USA and thus has passed quality standards when it comes to the materials used to make it. It has two semi-pneumatic tires that allow it to move freely even in rough and uneven terrain. It also features a universal hitch, which means it can attach easily to many tractors.

Also, it has a dumping rope that makes it easier for one to dump debris without having to detach it from the mower or tractor.

This lawn sweeper is suitable for use in medium and large-sized yards. It features 10-inches diameter brushes, which makes it more efficient than most lawn sweepers in its category.

With Agri-Fab, Inc. Lawn Sweeper, you will be able to maintain your lawn in a professional manner. Why spend a lot of hours using a rake to collect debris from your lawn, while you can use this lawn sweeper from a renowned brand (Agri-Fab)?


– It saves time collecting debris thanks to its wide sweeping path

– It is easy to assemble

– Feature pneumatic wheel for easy movement even on rough, uneven terrain

– Comes with brush height adjustment, which makes it do a thorough job

– It is sturdy and thus durable


– It needs to be emptied often and thus suitable for small and medium-sized lawns

7.Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper

Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper

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Are you tired of raking up grass clipping and tree leaves from your lawn? Then you should consider buying this lawn sweeper by Ohio. In addition to saving you from muscle pains and aches, this leaf sweeper will help you keep your garden clean.

This powerful lawn sweeper packs a serious punch and can clean even the largest lawns from grass clippings and leaves in no time.

With a 42-inch sweeping width, this is one of the largest residential lawn sweepers. It has a hopper capacity of 26 cubic feet, which means that even if you have a messy lawn, Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper will pick everything without you having to empty the hopper. Thanks to its wide sweeping path and generous hopper capacity, this sweeper are ideal for large-sized lawns.

Not only does it come with great hopper capacity, but it also features 11-inch spiraled brushes that are made of durable and strong material to enable them to handle larger debris.

In addition to this, this Pro Sweeper from Ohio comes with a ball bearing on its brush axle, which means that it is compatible with virtually all tractors and lawnmowers.

The hopper on this model is completely collapsible, which means that it can be stored anywhere at home. Best of all, it weighs 102 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest sweepers in its category.

It has a 4.5:1 brush to wheel turning ratio, which means you can make sharp turns on your lawn without having to worry about your sweeper keeping up.


– It is easy to assemble

– It picks any debris without struggles

– Has a wide-sweeping area for efficiency

– It is easy to use


– Poor user manual

8.Brinly STS-42BHDK Lawn Sweeper

best lawn sweeper tow behind

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Looking for a lawn sweeper that can handle small, medium, and large yards? Then this tow behind lawn sweeper is the ideal option for you. It can do both collecting debris and dethatch. This unit combines a lawn sweeper with a tine dethatched that can help you do the work easier and faster than when you are using other machines.

The towable leaf sweeper’s fabric hamper can collect an unbelievable 20 cubic feet of debris. When combined with the wide sweeping path of 42 inches, it means that this model can cover the great areas in a short duration of time.

The six high-speed brushes rotate at a great speed to ensure that they pick as much debris as possible as you move your lawn sweeper.

This model has a 5:1 brush to wheel ratio, which means that you can turn your tractor without worrying about the sweeper keeping p. Also, this sweeper has a brush height adjustment feature that makes it do a great job when it comes to collecting debris.


– It has easy to use adjustable brush-to-ground settings that maximize performance, especially when you are traveling on an uneven terrain

– It has a wide sweeping path, which makes it ideal for large lawns

– This best lawn sweeper tow behind features a generous hopper to minimize emptying trips


– It is quite expensive

– The assembling guide is hard to understand

9.Yardwise 23630-YW Lawn Sweeper

best push lawn sweeper

If you are looking for the best push lawn sweeper that has great features and is moderately priced, this lawn sweeper fits the bill. It will make your lawn maintenance work simpler and fast. This leaf sweeper will pick up grass clippings, leaves, debris, and small twigs easily and fast.

The sweeper is lightweight as compared to other products in its category. Weighing 12 pounds, this is one of the lightest options you can find in the push lawn sweepers category. You can use it to collect grass clippings and other debris with ease, and also store it easily. Don’t let its lightweight nature fool you that it is not quality; this push lawn sweeper is made of premium-quality materials to ensure long-lasting service.

What’s more, the hopper has a capacity of 26 gallons, and thus it can gather leaves and grass clippings without getting full fast. This means you will not make a lot of trips to empty the hopper.

For better performance, this push lawn sweeper has easy height adjustment. You can adjust the height of its brushes by dialing a button.


– It does a great job at picking twigs, leaves, and other debris from your lawn

– Has a generous removable hopper bag to reduce emptying trips

– It is lightweight and easy to push around

– Has adjustable height settings for efficiency

– It is easy to store as it folds up easily


– The build quality is not up to standards

10.Yard Commander Lawn Sweeper

best lawn sweeper for zero turns

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Yard Commander 42” tow behind is super-efficient when you want to pick grass, leaves, pine needles and debris from your lawn. It comes with a 12.7 cubic hopper making it an ideal choice to clean your lawn without emptying now and then. It can also be attached to any UTV, ATV, or tractor using the foldable tongue a multi-hitch pin.

The lawn sweeper features a cross brush design that makes it favorable for larger lawns by using a collapsible hopper bag to secure storage. The model comes with 4 brushes with a diameter of 11 inches, which have been densely packed to pick dirt better.

It has been designed with enormous and durable wheels that should work efficiently in any variable terrain. The wheels have maximum traction to minimize slippage and also prevent leaving out any areas uncleansed.

It also offers an easy way to dump waste from the tractor seat without detaching the hopper bag. For easier storage, the hopper can collapse which helps to save space in your shed or garage.


– Adjustable height

– It is budget-friendly

– Has collapsible hopper bag for ease of storage

– It is rust resistant


– Has a limited hopper bag capacity

– Can be challenging to assemble

To help you make a better purchase decision, we have several tips for you. Read our buying guide below;

Important Features of Lawn Sweeper

Here are the key features of the lawn sweepers;

Wide lawn sweeper:

Lawn sweepers are not made the same as some are wider than others. This is especially true with tow-behind models. The wider your lawn sweeper, the quicker you will be able to pick up grass, leaves, and other debris in your lawn.

For smaller lawns, you should get a smaller lawn sweeper, but for medium-sized and large lawns, you can get a lawn sweeper with a depth of up to 50-inches or even 100 if your lawn is wide.

Big hopper:

The hopper is where all the debris is collected. The larger it is, the fewer interruptions you will have as you will not need to stop and empty it now and then. Hoppers are measured in cubic feet and vary in size depending on the model you choose. Avoid hoppers with less than 20 cubic feet.

Durable feet:

Lawn sweepers have durable wheels. The more durable the wheels are, the longer your sweeper will serve you. You will even sweep in rougher and uneven terrain. Avoid sweepers with plastic wheels. If you get one with wheels made of semi-pneumatic materials, the better.

Height adjustment abilities:

The lawn sweeper should have adjustable heights for comfort. Your lawn sweeper should offer choices of the different levels of height so that you don’t injure your neck and back.

Quality brushes:

How well and quickly you clean up your garden is determined by the quality of the brushes. Cheaper models often come with low-quality bristle brushes. The lawn sweeper should have brushes made of steel. They should also be closely spaced together to enable them to pick even the smallest debris.

How To Use a Lawn Sweeper

Failure to use a leaf sweeper in the right way can shorten its lifespan. Although different lawn sweepers have different methods of use, there are several similarities.

Assembling a lawn sweeper. The first thing you should do before you put your lawn sweeper into use is to read its user manual. Assembling your lawn sweeper the right way will ensure that it operates efficiently. If you have a tow-behind lawn sweeper, you should attach it to a mower or tractor.

Don’t assemble your machine in a hurry. Assembling may take a few hours, and thus it is important that you follow your manufacturer’s directions as described in the manual. If you don’t know how to assemble it, you can ask an expert to do it for you.

Collecting large debris. Some lawn sweepers can handle large debris while others are designed to handle small debris. However, it is important to mention that using your sweeper to collect large debris can damage its brushes and wheels. That’s why you are advised to manually pick tree branches, large rocks, and other large debris before using a leaf sweeper on a lawn. You can use a rake to remove a significant amount of moss.

Collecting dry grass. You should wait for several days after it rains before collecting your lawn with a leaf sweeper as its brushes do not have strong grips to handle slippery and wet debris. Also, make sure to cut grass in your lawn with a lawnmower before you clean with a leaf sweeper as its brushes are more effective on a lawn with grass blades that have a uniform height.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Best Lawn Sweepers for Zero Turn


It saves time: A lawn sweeper helps you save a lot of time. Think about the time you will be saving by avoiding the use of a rake every week. It is easy to push a sweeper through your lawn than manually collecting the debris using a rake. In other words, a lawn sweeper does all the hard work for you.

A job you can do in several hours using a rake can only take a few minutes with the lawn sweepers.

Saves energy: The right lawn sweeper allows you to clean your lawn in a few minutes. Unlike raking, which normally takes hours, with a lawn sweeper, you will not experience shoulder aches, back pain, or blisters.

In fact, the main reason many people buy lawn sweepers is that it saves them the hassle of using a rake and also the pains and aches associated with manual garden maintenance.

Gentle on your lawn: In most cases, machinery tends to damage the grass, but when it comes to lawn sweepers, they are gentle on the grass. In fact, when you get rid of the debris on your lawn, you give the grass on it time to breathe and thus will be greener and brighter.

Easy to use: Most lawn mowers are easy to use and thus it will be easier for you to take care of your garden. You just need to maneuver through the grass. We will talk about how to use a lawn sweeper and you will see that they are easy to use.

Comes in different types: There are different types of lawn sweepers with each having its own distinct features, benefits, and downsides. This means that you can be able to choose a leaf sweeper that suits your lawn. You will find sweepers that suit your needs.


Lawn sweepers do not have a lot of downsides. In most times, the downsides are down to lack of quality features. For instance, a sweeper can fail to do a thorough job because of a lack of well-sized brushes.

Ensure that you get the lawn sweeper to avoid the downsides of a lawn sweeper.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Lawn Sweeper for Zero Turn


You will be cleaning your lawn now and then and thus you need a lawn sweeper that can withstand frequent usage. Therefore, durability is a crucial factor to consider when you are looking for a leaf sweeper.

Quality lawn sweepers should be made of premium materials to take on the rough terrain. This will help save you from spending a lot of money on repairing the parts of your sweeper. All the lawn sweepers we have reviewed here are highly durable.


You are looking for a machine that can help you complete the work of cleaning out your lawn fast, and thus it is advisable that you go for one with an ample collection bag. Lawn sweepers with collection bags with ample capacity can save you a significant amount of time as you will not have to empty it now and then. All the models in this guide have sizeable hoppers.


There are lawn mowers that come with a wide range of features, and you need to choose one with only those features you will find applicable. There is no need of having a leaf sweeper with unnecessary features or buttons.

Quality lawn sweepers need to be user-friendly and practical to help users spend more time being productive. All the lawn sweepers in this guide have practical features.

Attachments available

Different lawn sweepers come with varying attachments. Here are the attachments to look out for;

Aerators. These are designed to ensure fertilizer gets to the root of the grass. It punches holes into the surface of your lawn to allow nutrients and water to seep into the soil.

Dump cart. This is suitable for people with big lawns and gardens and is designed to carry yard tools thereby eliminating the need to make numerous trips.

Pull-behind spreader. This sweeper attachment is designed to help spread seeds or fertilizer evenly over your lawn so as to maintain its consistency and beauty.

Go for a sweeper that has a good number of attachments.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use a lawn sweeper?

Well, a lawn sweeper may not be applicable for use for the most part of the year. A lot of people only use lawn sweepers in autumn when most trees shed their leaves.

Leaf sweepers can also be used during days with light snows. When there is snow, homeowners use lawn sweepers to clear out driveways, especially if they have lawn sweepers that can work on concrete surfaces. But they are not effective in sweeping snow. However, when it comes to other debris, leaf sweepers are effective and time-saving than brooms.

What is the ideal capacity of many lawn sweepers?

This should be dependent on the size of your lawn. Homeowners with large lawns should go for the best tow behind lawn sweeper that has large collection bags. A sizeable hopper with a 20-26 cubic feet carrying capacity will save you a lot of time you could have wasted in unloading your collection bag.

A sweeper meant for commercial uses should have a larger carrying capacity of 70 cubic feet or more.

It is important to mention that a small collection bag should not be a deal-breaker, especially for people with smaller lawns. A collection bag with a carrying capacity of 12 cubic feet is enough for a small lawn. Ensure to look for the carrying capacity of a sweeper before making a purchase.

Do lawn sweepers need repairs?

The durability of a lawn sweeper is determined by different factors. One of the factors that determine its durability is the frequency of use. The other one is the quality of the sweeper.

When it comes to repairs, you may need to spend a significant amount on repairing a lawn sweeper that cannot handle extensive usage. To avoid a lot of repair costs, go for the best lawn sweeper tow behind with sturdy brushes made of steel or any other durable material.

What type of debris can be collected by a leaf sweeper?

Lawn sweepers are designed to collect debris of different sizes and shapes, but not all of them. Therefore, it is important that you consider the kind of debris a lawn sweeper can collect.

Although all leaf sweepers are designed to collect light debris such as grass clippings and dry leaves, some are designed to handle heavier materials such as branches, acorns, and pine needles. In addition, some lawn sweepers are designed to collect lawn clippings and wet leaves.

Why should I choose a lawn sweeper that has a wide sweeping reach?

The width of a lawn sweeper determines how efficient and time-saving it is. Leaf sweepers with extended sweeping widths are ideal for dealing with a significant amount of debris. However, extreme width can interfere with the maneuverability of the machine.

Sweeping width of about 21 inches is ideal for people with small lawns while sweepers with a sweeping width of 50 inches are ideal for large lawns. For commercial uses, go for a leaf sweeper with a sweeping width of over 100-inches.

What is the average cost of a lawn sweeper?

You can get a good lawn sweeper with a limited budget as price doesn’t always dictate the quality of a leaf sweeper. It doesn’t make sense for an average homeowner to go for a pricey leaf sweeper meant for commercial usage.

Maneuvering a large lawn sweeper on a small lawn can be difficult, not to mention that storing it can be a hassle. Therefore, it is important to look for the best push lawn sweeper or best tow behind lawn sweeper that is within your price range.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best lawn sweeper for zero turns for your home garden or lawn can be challenging. You have to consider the size of your lawn, the quality of the brushes and wheels, as well as the size of the hopper among other things.

All the above models we have reviewed meet the standards of the factors we have indicated in our buyer’s guide. Therefore, you cannot go wrong by choosing any of the models. We hope you have identified the best one for your needs.

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