Top 10 Best Eames Chair Replica – [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide!]

The original Eames Chair was made to give comfort to its users. The style has a high standard that was the norm during its introduction in 1956, there have been decades of its existence without any change to its original elegance.

Now, there are available replicas that are considered the best eames chair replica around because of the way the chairs are manufactured where it is not one step away from its predecessor.

Sometimes the likeness is so great that you cannot even distinguish the original from the replica. Some buyers would love to buy the best eames lounge chair replica even if it will cost them much. Still, it will not cost them as enormous as the original price.

What is an Eames Lounge Chair Replica?

An Eames Lounge Chair Replica are types of chairs manufactured following the design of the original Eames Lounge Chair. From the dimension, materials used, durability, comfort features, the finish, cushions, and leather are patterned after the predecessor but some does have a slight difference such as some screws that are visible when you can't see one on the original, and other minimal variations such as additional color options for other replicas

The obvious difference as well is the price where the price of the original Eames Chair costs around five thousand and up while the replica can fetch at only half the price.

What to Look For Best Replica Eames Lounge Chair?

Color- there are also finish options for wood e.g. brown, black, white, palisander, walnut, silver, terracotta, and many others.

Dimension - original Eames chair is just right for any space as it is not too big nor too small, so buy a replica that also follows the same production.

Cushions - Eames Lounge Chairs have the most comfortable cushion with every chair they manufacture that is why they are known for highly comfortable manufacturing chairs. You should also be aware of removable cushions for your replicas just like the original design with the same feature. It makes it easy for you to clean the chair and reverse the cushion if needed.

Quality of Leather - if you are to buy a replica be aware of the type of leather used for the chair as the original only uses top quality materials for all their chairs. A good replica chair plus the ottoman should have the same prime quality leather or top grain aniline leather. This is an important feature of the replica chair where you will not find yourself saying you have wasted your money.

Price - where you need to check the best one for the money you will shell out and should be of high quality as well.

Quick Look:Top 10 Best Eames Chair Replica

The Best Replica Reviews & Buyer's Guide!


best eames chair replica

This replica has the exact dimension that the original Eames chair has and is considered one of the best replica there is in the market. You also don't have to worry about knock-offs because this one came with the rights from the Herman Miller Company so you will be buying the twin of the lounge chair you've been dreaming of. Aside from that, you will see that the manufacturer pays attention to details by making sure that each component of the original chair will be present in this replica.


The leather is on par with its predecessor with the same quality and careful manufacture with smooth quality but not too much to make it slippery and uncomfortable all that for less the price.


There is also a color option to choose from as there are three wood veneers such as palisander, white oak, and walnut.

Cushion and Foam

With a removable cushion and a chair filled with PU injected foam that gives extra comfort for its softness without trading the needed support.


This replica did not decrease the comfort and the needed head, neck, and lumbar support maintaining its importance to an Eames Lounge Chair. The user can easily sit and lean back at the headrest at an angle but still, the full continuous support is there.

You will also have a hard time differentiating the original from this replica because of the details that were exacted during the manufacture, from the creases of the leather, the buttons used in the leather, and the highest care given to the smallest detail.


  • There are color options to choose from compared to the original where there was just one color available.
  • High-quality leather that is comparable to the leather used.
  • Same chair size and exact dimensions as the original.
  • Removable cushions
  • Exact details from the buttons and creases of the leather.
  • Ultra-soft foam that is called a PU or polyurethane injected foam that adds comfort and softness to the foam.
  • Great back and neck support


  • Damage during transport and delivery and is considered isolated incidents.


best eames lounge chair replica

This Eames chair replica is ideal for the living room, bedroom, club, open roof, study area, leisure area, recreational room, massage room, and any other area that you want to relax and just enjoy your free time. It is beautifully made with the original Eames chair details in mind, from the high-quality leather, the comfortable foam used, the laminated wood finish to the classic elegant design that is considered perfectly made.

Beautifully made

Prime, genuine leather that is heavy-duty, easy to clean, and durable that will lasts for years.

Comfortable, luxurious and high-grade quality

Thick foam of the highest quality that ensures comfortability to every user of this chair. It is not only luxurious because of the design that was painstakingly considered by the manufacturer and each piece was professionally made. The laminated wood that complements the beauty of the leather with the sturdy body to accommodate any type of sitter.

Ergonomic design

The 15-degree tilt angle maximizes the relaxation and comfort you will get when sitting. It is the most sought after ergonomic design by other chair manufacturers.


The ottoman will further provide your body with relaxation to keep you at ease while you sit. You can put your feet and leg up to ensure complete rest while you sit.


  • High-grade leather that is comparable to the original chair's leather. It is durable and easy to clean which will not give you any headache.
  • It can be placed anywhere in your house, in your office, or any recreational area.
  • A luxurious design that will not only make this chair just a decoration in your house but will offer you a place for comfort and relaxation.
  • Affordable for you as you have an option to buy a replica that will not put a hole in your pocket.
  • Sturdy and durable design from the high-density steel used to support up to 330 lbs, the wood design that will not easily chip, the wide armrest that will stay in place and the ergonomic design of the whole chair is undeniable.


  • The leather cushion may not rest well with many people because of the stiffer feel while you sit.


best replica eames lounge chair

This best eames chair replica is designed to provide support and relaxation to you because of the perfectly tilt 15-degree angle of this chair not only that but the armrest and ottoman that is included will further make you feel comfortable while you lounge in your living room. This is not only suitable for the living room but can also be used in any areas of your home like the study, your recreational room, bedroom, at any corner of your house even at the club or at your office.

The stability of this chair is on par with the original where it was drawn from with the strong frame which can support up to 330 lbs of weight easily.

Genuine Leather

The high grade genuine, top-grain leather used for this replica is made luxurious and extreme comfort is the objective of the manufacturer.

7 Layer Plywood

The 7-layer plywood used for the chair's frame adds up to the durability and perfect craft with no fear of it showing cracks and warping, thus, the longevity is assured.

Sturdy built

There is also the sturdy stainless steel built on a robust 5-point foundation that signifies a strong base that can hold a certain level of the weight of different users.

Perfect comfort

With the inclusion of the ottoman, this Eames Chair replica does provide a high level of comfort by making sure you are as relaxed as possible when sitting. You can tilt the chair with a 15 degree tilt backward for when you want to just have an eye shut for a few minutes, or you can just have a lazy day reading a good book in a corner while your legs and feet are up with the help of the ottoman to give that added level of relaxation.


  • 100% natural leather that will not easily crack or get damaged with frequent use.
  • Powder-coated die-cast to make the rest of the parts joined together without the use of screws or bolts that sticks out and lessens the aesthetic appeal of some chair.
  • Sturdy stainless steel base that will provide stability, durability, and strength to hold the weight of sitters.


  • A fixed cushion that may interfere with cleaning the whole chair. You may need to dismantle the cushion but some users may find this an inconvenience.


best eames dining chair replica

This best eames dining chair replica is another highly coveted model because of the luxurious design and its offer of comfort for every user. It has a high quality, genuine leather that has a thick foam to ensure you of satisfaction every time you use it.

The color of this chair can also adhere to any home design you are going for, it is perfect for those who want a classic feel and is looking for a timeless style of furniture.

This ergonomically designed chair will surely bring comfort and relaxation to its users. The 15-degree tilt angle of this chair makes it possible for users to tilt their head backward and just feel the comfortability and softness of the thick sponge that was incorporated for the whole lounge chair and the ottoman

You can set this chair in your leisure area, living room, bedroom, movie room, study area, and any other place that you want to have a complete relaxation. Some users bring this chair at their office and some buyers decided to give their club a lift by buying this replica.

High-Grade Materials

Materials used here are all top-notch, from the genuine leather that has the softest, thickest sponge, to the ottoman that was made with the same comfortable leather to the wide armrest that can freely support your arms while sitting.


The sturdy make of this chair from the tip to the stand at the bottom made sure that it can hold the weight of sitters up to 330 lbs which is a heavy standard in weight capacity.

Classic Elegance

The tastefully fine elegance brings this chair to the same level as its counterpart. It will add glamour and charm to your once simple home.


  • Prime quality, and genuine leather that makes up the whole lounge chair.
  • Inclusion of an ottoman that provides further comfort to users.
  • Laminated wood finishes with a thicker sponge to complete the sought after quality of this Eames Lounge Chair replica.


  • The lounge chair is not height adjustable and is fixed and may not be liked by those who would like an adjustable chair.


best replica eames lounge chair

This heavy-duty Eames Chair replica can hold up to 330 lbs and is made of only high-quality leather that is easy to maintain. It offers you full comfort with every use because of the ergonomic design with a 105-degree angle to provide better comfort.

It is the best place in any area of your house but well advised to put it in the living room, bedroom, lounge area, to recreational room, study room or movie room. If you also want a chair that can help you relax for even a few minutes in your office, then this is the one to go for because it will easily blend in any office or home design.

Some chair that boasts of durability cannot stand weight that is far from lightweight that makes it easily get damaged. This chair can take up to 300 to 340 lbs of body weight.

Great color combination

The color combination of black on wood makes this a beautifully crafted chair as it looks of luxury and indulgence. You can just lounge in it any time you like.

Engineered for durability

The use of sturdy, stainless steel to make sure that this chair can hold a weight of 330 lbs makes this chair worth your money.


By copping this chair you get to feel the convenience and comfort that an Eames Chair can bring, with this replica you can spend time with such a beautiful chair design without breaking your budget.

Durable and Sturdy

The design of this replica makes sure that you can enjoy your chair for a long time just like its counterpart, even the combination of simplicity to the overall part of this chair but the manufacturer retains the power of durability and strength of this chair. From the die-cast aluminum base to the sturdy Palisander wood veneer structure that is carefully structured to this chair.


  • Premium quality leather that is not just found on the original Eames Chair but this replica.
  • The thick cushion that doubles the comfort while you sit
  • Ergonomic design to make sure that when you sit, you can tilt your head and feel the comforting power of this chair.


  • Expensive by other's standards.


best eames chair replica

The color of this chair exhibits high elegance and is considered "THE" lounge chair of the 20th century. Its design is simple yet it conveys of modernism. A chair that you can set at the center of your lounge area, to give life to your office, to help guests relax in the living room, or it can even be a piece of focal furniture in your bedroom.

It is made of a prime leather quality with molded plywood and dye cast steel braces for durability and strength. It also has a 7-ply laminated veneer with its seat and backrest shells together with the armrests joined with the use of aluminum.

Perfectly sized

The dimension of this chair is perfect at 33x33x34 inches and does not weight too much that sometimes causes difficulty in changing its spot in your house.

Extreme Comfort

The top-quality leather upholstery plus the foam booster padding guarantees a comfortable relaxation every time you use it.

Sturdy and Enduring

The durability of this lounge chair is at the same level as its forerunner because of the use of die-cast steel braces and stainless steel glides. The incorporation of stainless steel makes this chair strong even when used by a heavyweight person. The steel glides will stay fixed because of the high standard of manufacturing use.

Take on modern minimalism

Its simplicity in color and the uncomplicated design as well as the finish of this lounge replica conveys a somewhat modern minimalist style. There is an interest in high visuals because of the texture and personality that is put in the manufacture of this lounge chair.


  • Top Grain Leather combined with the white premium color that gives this replica chair the luxurious feel and powerful comfortability
  • The die-cast steel braces of this chair will make you rely on its durability and strong foundation. It will surely last for long and you get back the money that you pay for because of the great benefits.
  • A 7-Ply laminated veneer is layered together to make a stronger foundation and great aesthetic look.


  • The leather seat may need maintenance because of its color to maintain its beauty and luxurious look.


Soho Modern Style Replica Lounge Chair

This replica lounge chair used a First and Second grade (FAS) certified hardwood lumber from sustainable US, Canadian, and Brazil supply. A chair that has genuinely manufactured high-grade leather that is sourced only in Italy.

The cushion of this chair is removable just like its original design with a concealed zipper to make removal and replacement of the foam easier as well as making cleaning a breeze.

The manufacturer not only checked the aesthetic feature of this chair that only focuses on its overall look but also on the durability that the original quality chair has. This chair was manufactured with stainless steel base following rigidly the 5-point style foundation to make this chair last for many years.

This replica was manufactured by a company that uses high-quality material used in the traditional design of this lounge chair. Every design step is rigidly followed every time.

7-ply laminated veneer

Engineered wood that is Kiln dried to make sure there is no warping or cracking of the wood.

Hand-stitched leather cushion

with a #301 stitch type used aka lockstitch to ensure that the piping stays in place and will not easily fall apart or rip quickly.

Aniline Leather

A full-grain leather type that is considered extra durable and long-lasting.


  • It can be used anywhere in your house such as in your study area, lounge area, recreational room, movie room, living room, even in the bedroom.
  • Classic Design and color that adheres to the original made lounge chair. The beautiful brown colored leather conveys a traditional feel to bring you back to the old days that are full of elegance, grace, and style
  • 7-ply of crossgrained engineered wood in place preventing warping, cracking, and weakening. With the right use and care of this replica, you will enjoy it for very long.
  • UV Protection is in place with the use of UV protective lacquer to protect the wood but still providing it with a scratch-resistant finish.


  • Still expensive considering it is a replica. Although it makes up with the excellent design elements that perfectly copies its predecessor
  • Some confusion with the assembly and may need two people to finish it in time.


best lounge chair

This exact style appeared in 1956 in a TV network in the USA but is now making a comeback. This chair simply blends in the comfort and great design for the 20th century with its upholstered using a 100% aniline leather. This chair also boasts of a 7-ply laminated veneer in Palisanderto whose main purpose is to prevent its immediate weakening, cracking, and warping, and instead, it assures this chair of longevity and security even for many years.

The backrest can be tilted 15 degrees high giving the user the chance to rest and tilt their head even for a quick nap or quick rest. The rubber shock mounts provide a cushion to give comfort to its users.

This chair is perfect for the lounge area, living room, sitting room, bedroom, study room, in the office, in clubs, area of recreation, and even in any corner of your house.

There is also no issue with maintenance for this Eames chair replica because a gentle wipe to remove dust from time to time is the key to keeping its original beauty.


This Eames chair replica is versatile and can be used in any area in your home, can be in the office, in a club set up in, even in high-end beauty shops.


Classic Elegance that is most sought after by followers of traditional style, it gives you that vivid difference in style when compared to modern shapes and straight lines of new furniture.

Right Head Tilt

Great neck and back support with the perfectly cushioned backrest and overall thick cushion used for this chair. The easy head tilts to help you rest while sitting gives this chair the needed edge.

Ottoman inclusion

The ottoman is another benefit of this replica because it is not just your back and your head that can relax while sitting but with the ottoman, legs and feet get the needed rest as well.


  • With 7-ply of wood to enhance the durability of the chair
  • 15-degree tilt headrest to ensure further relaxation while resting your back.
  • Made durable, strong, and with longevity in mind.


  • Height is not adjustable and may turn off other buyers but it is not much of a requirement for those who just want to lounge and relax during their free time.


best eames replica

If you love reading a book in your favorite corner of the house, it is time for you to replace the cricking, back-breaking chair you have for the longest time.

Here is a classic take on comfort, classic overstuffed chair that is not only clean and simple but will give you the much-needed body and back support while reading.

Made of solid, hardwood frame that is highly resistant to any moisture and fabric stain which can make this a possible sought after the versatile chair.

There are many colors to choose from to complement the color and design of your home or if you just like to have a comfortable and relaxing chair that you can sink in, this is your option.

Highly durable materials

It gives you the durability that you are looking for in furniture, with simple and classic lines you want that can easily blend in any part of your home.

Removable cushion

With the removable cushion, you can easily clean the inner part of the chair and you can reverse it to level the cushion for longevity.

Durable support

Uses solid hardwood for the durable frame and offer added support for different weight of the user. The construction of this chair confirms additional support and reaffirms its longevity.

High-quality cushions

The type of cushions that doesn't sink after a few uses but will let you sink into it because of its softness. It is considered a style that is overstuffed with softness and comfort to give you the needed relaxation you are looking for.


It can be the perfect addition to your cozy corner, it can also be used as chairs for your visitors in the living room, it can simply be a chair to add accent to your bedroom or bring it to your movie room as your special view seating.


  • A chair that is made of durable fabric that is stain proof and durable. Will not easily rip apart after many uses. Moisture is repelled as well making sure that some water or fluid will not easily stick to the fabric.
  • The durable frame made of solid wood will help increase the support of this chair for whoever uses it or whatever weight the sitters have.
  • Removable back and seat cushion that is also reversible give this chair another edge.


  • May need a bigger space for others who are just expecting the usual chair. This chair is bigger but it is somewhat an advantage as well for others.


best eames chair replica

A swivel chair that is made to look as contemporary as possible with a 360-degree swivel feature. Choose from the 4 colors that you like if you want to have a point of color in your bedroom, living room, office, study, recreation room, lounge area, any corner, or anywhere that you see it suits you.

It has a design that stands out, and will not go unnoticed paired with the comfort everyone is after.

The 100% leather upholstery that is not easily damaged after many uses and will not just tear or dry up like other types of leather. The hardwood frame and metal base on the other hand complete the security and longevity you want for a chair.

High-Quality Leather

This chair is made from top quality leather that gives you a look of elegance and not the low priced feel for a chair. It is made to be durable with longevity in mind.

Top Cushion

There is a comfortable feel to the cushion used. The manufacturer also assures users that it will not sink after some time of use but you can relax fully well because of the softness of the cushion.

Solid construction

High-quality construction from the base up. With the combination of hardwood and metal to make this chair last you for years making sure that you get your money's worth.

Elegantly designed

Its simple design gives your home a contemporary ambiance without the exaggerated pattern or layout. It is simple and will just give you the relaxation that you need.

Perfect swivel

Even if you are at the office and would like to have freedom in movement, this chair can be your ally. When you just want to turn in any direction that is. This chair makes it easier for you.


  • The easy swivel makes this chair usable anywhere in your house
  • Elegant design that will not cramp the design of your home
  • Different colors to choose from so you have options if you just like to have a pop of color, this is also possible.
  • Highly durable materials used keeping durability and longevity in mind.


  • There is no headrest to add comfort when you are relaxing, but as it is it can already give you the comfort that you need.

What is the Most Comfortable Chair on the Market?

Wing Lounge Chair

Made from open-cell visco-elastic foam which was developed by NASA and used in all space crafts. This chair is designed by Michaell Malmborg.

Cleopatra Heated Lounge Chair

Made from a special high-density limestone that is highly smooth and very easy to clean. This chair was apparently cut from a single piece of stone and designed to give comfort and the heat that is coming from the stone is good for the soul. So it is the best lounge chair

Sonic Chair

You can relax in this chair while listening to your favorite music, there is also a built-in iMac for some models while other models have a provision of a side table for when you have a laptop to use. This is considered a high tech chair for some and the chair to go for when you want to just listen to your music playlist.

Zoe Low Lounge Chair

Upholstered in fabric plus soft leather and just enough to accommodate one person.

Stokke Zero Gravity Chair

It can be used in a various position whether you want to be active and work in the office if you are in a video meeting, you can also have it leaned backward for when you need to take naps or for complete relaxation position.

35H Relaxation Armchair

Made from cast aluminum with high tech pneumatic springs to coordinate the seat, back, and headrest to offer the best comfort to users. There is a control that can be accessed via the armrest. The material used is fabric plus leather.

O2 Lounge

This lounge is considered your entertainment oxygen lounge because it comes with shiatsu massage and Aroma O2 Oxygen Maker. There is also an inclusion of audio and video therapy. The Entertainment O2 Lounge has a multimedia DVD player with a loudspeaker and hi-fi earphones.

Gentle Wave Lounge

A high tech device with remote. There is a rocking motion that somehow simulates floating motion in a lake. There is also a soundwave massage included.

Importance of Best Eames Replica

  • Best Eames replica assures you that you are getting your money's worth, that even if you shell out a certain amount of money you know that it will last you for years and not bog down after 2 to 3 seating.
  • It is also important that you are checking what you are buying because you don't want to be left with a replica that is getting rust, and sinking foams or armrest that is moving
  • Checking the color and the veneer of the replica should also be on your list because there is coloring difference with other replicas that don't seem to follow the original color line.
  • Metal base, aluminum base you can also get confused with the base type because there are low-grade quality stainless steel as well as aluminum. You should have some knowledge about this feature before you go out and buy your most precious replica.
  • If the price is too good to be true, then don't believe it otherwise you will just be wasting money buying a product that will only last you a week or two most especially if you place it somewhere in your house where many will be seated on it, or even in the club or at your office where some clients may even sit on it then for it to get damaged in the midst.
  • It is significant as well to be sure that it is of high-quality leather and not the low-grade type where it usually dries up and leaving you with a cracked or peeling leather after months of use. You don't want to be buying something that will cost you a thousand or so just for it to be replaced after a month or so.
  • Even with the replica, there is also a warranty that is included, inquire about this warranty and what it entails in case the chair just split in the middle for no reason, you will have something to back you up which is the - warranty.
  • Things to Consider Before Buying Guide Best Eames Chair Replica


    Eames Chair has a reclining feature so this is your pattern when looking for your Eames replica chair. There is a replica that is supposed to be Eames Chair but it is just fixed and cannot be reclined or poor ergonomic quality.


    You cannot buy something that is only a few hundred bucks away from the price of the original so be wise when haggling about the price. It should be high quality and the next best thing to the original chair.


    Always inspect on what was used during manufacture, what if there are screws that are too visible which creates a chaotic design for the supposed to be a seamless feature of the chair. There should be no bolts or nuts that are showing as this will degrade the quality of the Eames chair replica.


    The base should be durable and there is stability. The foundation should be made of metal or stainless steel. Choose a replica that has the same features as the original like the number of the legs, it is up to your preference if you would go for the five legs considering that the original has only four legs.

    Swivel option should also be present as this is another feature that you can find on the original Eames chair.

    Chair Dimension

    Some manufacturers of Eames Chair replica somewhat have inaccuracies with the dimension of the chair where some chairs just look awkward compared to its predecessors. The reproduction seems to be made following speculations instead of making it in the exact image of the original Eames chair.

    Some replica is made too large, too slim, too clunky, and awkward in design. If the dimension is not right the overall aesthetic appeal of the chair also lessens. It will not at all look elegant but rather clumsy when placed in your home.


    The overall look of the Original Eames Chair depends as well on the leather and the cushion used during production. It is not made of cheap quality and care is given during the manufacturing making sure that the chair is constructed with 5 layers or 7 layers of plywood, the leather with its soft and non-slip feature is present, and the cushions are removable for easy cleaning and possible refurbishing in the future. The wood veneer is also something that should indicate the quality of the replica chair that you will buy.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    Is Eames Chair Replica a good buy?

    It is a good buy if you know what to look for and where to look. Knowing the points or features that should be present in your replica chair is important. Price is one factor in buying a replica because you get to save a lot by buying it instead of the original but you should also know which to choose to get your money's worth.

    Where can we buy a good Eames Chair Replica?

    There are available options on Amazon that you can take a look at, there are also reviews you can read to help you decide easily.

    Who manufactures a good Eames Chair Replica?

    Manhattan Home design makes a good Eames lounge chair replica, they are considered at the top of replica chair manufacturers.

    What is the price difference between the two?

    Some of the replicas sell for as much as a thousand and up while other replicas you can get for less than a thousand. The original Eames lounge chair you can get for a few thousand bucks apiece.

    Is there also a warranty with Eames Chair Replica?

    Yes. You can also get a warranty for the replicas although some just offer a limited warranty for one.

    Where to bring your replica chair for repair?

    The best step to take is to contact the seller or the manufacturer of the replica chair and ask if they have a repair service as most of the time they do. You can have it repaired for just a few dollars depending on the damage, or if it is still under any warranty you may even have it repaired at no cost.

    Final Verdict

    If you would like to have the closest to the real thing, a replica is your option. Yes, it may not feel the same way as knowing that you have the original but if the budget is something to worry about, getting a replica is a good idea.

    You can get one in the market that is also manufactured with high-quality materials and with the same care given during production. You will also notice that there are replicas that can somehow pass off as the real thing, but of course, you have to be mindful of the guide that you should take first before you buy the best eames chair replica of your own.

    Top 10 Best Eames Chair Replica - [Reviews & Buyer's Guide!]

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