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Top 10 Best Craft Furniture Reviews of 2021

Crafting is a rewarding task to do both as a hobby and as your main hustle. It offers a way of showcasing your creativity and relieving your everyday stress. You can also make a living out of crafting.

Crafters need their own working space to enable them to get creative and develop their skills. With the right resources, you can explore the limitless possibilities of crafting. The only problem with crafting is that it tends to get messy. You need tools to work with and the clothing and supplies can get messy, which is why you need dedicated craft furniture for the job.

Unfortunately, the market has a lot of options when it comes to crafting furniture. A quick search of best craft furniture reviews will reveal a lot of options. Fortunately, in this guide, we have reviewed the top 10 craft furniture you can consider.

At a Glance: Get the Best Craft Furniture

1.Best wooden dollhouse- KidKraft Shimmer

“This modern dollhouse has an appealing design with beautiful interior and exterior graphics  to impress your little growing girls”

2.Best foldable playset for boysKidKraft Everyday

“With multiple vehicle accessories, rooms and toys, this playset is best for engaging young boys in their creative world”

3.Best comfortable gliderStorkcraft Premium

“This comfortable glider comes out with a classic design along with a footrest and well-padded cushions”

4.Best working deskTribesigns Modern

“This wooden office desk could boost your creativity and offers convenient storage space along with non-scratch steel surface”

5.Best design- Stork Craft Tuscany Custom

“With an ergonomic design and sturdy construction, this rocking chair provides ultra-comfort with padded arms”

6.Best farmhouse tableKidKraft Farmhouse

“This well-constructed farmhouse table comes along with four chairs and provide enough space to study and play”

7.Best barbie houseKidKraft Girl's Uptown

“A well-designed barbie house with numerous accessories and durable furniture will amaze your little angel”

8.Durable painting table2 Piece Comet Art

“This durable painting table is best for professional and beginners, also comes out with three plastic side-drawers with enough storage space”

9.Budget-friendly dollhouseKidKraft Majestic

“With affordable price and four stories, this barbie dollhouse is best for your kids to enjoy their fairytale imaginations”

10.Best-rated gliderAngel Line Winds

“This best-rated glider is highly comfortable with a smooth back and forth motion to feed babies and letting them enjoy their food”

What Is A Craft Furniture?

In general, furniture meant for arts and crafts is very rectilinear, which means that it has straight lines. Manufacturers of this furniture put more emphasis on their elongated and vertical lines.

This furniture is normally made of dark woods and any hardware made of simple metal shapes. They can feature different arts and drawings as well as accessories to suit different tastes of people.

What To Look for in Craft Furniture?

Space you need in your home

Craft furniture will occupy space in your home, and thus you must consider this before buying to ensure that the space in your home will fit the craft furniture. Therefore, if you have limited space, take measurement of the available space and compare it with the dimensions of the furniture.

Interior colors

To prevent crashing colors, you should consider what will go with your house interior. Therefore, consider the color of the furniture as well as the fabric. This will help you get furniture that matches your house interior.

Style of furniture

You need to know the storage spaces you need. Different craft furniture has a varying storage compartment, and thus you should get one that has enough compartment for your crafting tools.

With that in mind, you can now pick the right furniture for your needs. Here are the top 10 best craft furniture in the market at the moment.

1.Kidkraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse

best craft furniture

As your daughter gets older, she's likely going to start playing with Barbie dolls. For a girl between ages 3 and 10, she's going to want a pink and modern dollhouse to weave their own stories. This Kidkraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse is a large and lovely piece of furniture for those who have enough space.

It features four stores, nine rooms, and an elevator that glides between the four floors. Moreover, this dollhouse is packed with working light as well as a flushing toilet that makes a real flushing sound. It is smartly designed to can accommodate dolls of up to 12". You can rest assured that your little one will stay extremely busy rearranging all the 30 pieces and accessories in all the rooms.

True to Kidkraft values, this dollhouse features sturdy construction with almost everything being made of wood. Materials used in its construction include wood, MDF and fabric, and is designed to pass the test of time even with the rough kids. Well, some there's need for some care just like with any dollhouse, but it should do well.

The design of the Shimmer Mansion is modern and appealing, with beautiful graphics on the sides and the interior. Every single room features some light with an attractive layout as well. The size of this dollhouse makes it suitable for households with multiple kids who want to play with it at one time.


  1. Has tons of furniture
  2. Has a large size with four floors and nine rooms
  3. Has a durable construction

2.Kidkraft Everyday Heroes Play Set

craft furniture

Featuring helicopters, motorcycles, police officers, and fire trucks, this dollhouse is the perfect gift for young boys. The design is based on a police and fire station boasting three stories and 12 rooms. As a result, your kid enjoys role-playing scenarios involving the firefighters and police.

It comes with a wide range of furniture, vehicle accessories, and dolls to keep your boy entertained all day long. Including a firefighter's roof-to-floor pole allows your children to have creative imaginations as they explore how it feels to be real-life heroes.

The dollhouse measures 38.2 x 14.9 x 25.8 inches and weighs 26 pounds. As a result, it’s suitable for multiple children who want to play together. It is easy to assemble the Kidkraft Everyday Heroes using a manual. Also, it’s easy to store it, thanks to its sturdy hinges that can quickly close down.


  1. Large enough for children to play together
  2. Has numerous accessories
  3. Includes a step-by-step manual for assembly

3.Storkcraft Hoop Glider and Ottoman

best craft furniture

Gone are the days when you had to look for a hard wooden rocking chair to feed your new baby. That’s why you need to have a glider option like the StorkCraft Glider and Ottoman. This glider is so comfortable with well-padded cushions that have been made with a microfiber fabric.

There are pockets on the sides of the set for secure storage of essentials such as pacifiers and burp cloths. To enhance your comfort, the glider comes with an ottoman with a matching footrest to enhance breastfeeding positions and elevate the feet.

The construction is robust enough, featuring wood that's strong and durable. The base is stable as well, allowing you to adjust the position in whatever way you like. When it comes to baby products, you want to feel secure at all times, and the StorkCraft Glider and Ottoman ensure that.

As stated earlier, you get maximum comfort with a high-quality cushion. The back cushion uses tufted padding that is thick to ensure back relief when feeding your baby. It’s easy to clean the removable cushions in case of messes and hygiene reasons. They are available in 5 colors, so you get to choose one that fits your décor needs.

One of the unique selling points of this glider is you just apply less effort to get it moving. It has enclosed ball bearings, which provide effortless motion. The ottoman also utilizes the same ball bearings for maximum comfort.

Finally, the glider and ottoman set are best suited for those with a generous amount of space. The good thing if you don't have a big area is you can always store the ottoman and bring it out when you need it.


  1. Has a solid construction featuring real wood
  2. Easy to assemble
  3. Includes the ottoman

4.Tribesigns Modern Drafting Desk

Tribesigns Modern Drafting Desk

If you spend a lot of time working on your computer, having a dedicated office space is extremely important. Choose one that’s comfortable to boost your creativity. It should feature a solid wood construction with convenient storage spaces. The Tribesigns Modern Drafting desk ticks all the right boxes by going beyond just aesthetics.

With its L-shaped design, it looks simple with an eye-catching white shade to fit in your home décor. Despite the stylish design, this desk features a sturdy, durable steel frame with a scratch-proof surface. It has an L-shape corner design to provide plenty of surface and offer comfort.

The desk also features sturdy metal legs whose bottom is padded for more stability. Also, the flexible mounting allows you to adjust the height according to your needs. Tribesdesigns includes a free CPU stand and used the M-style buckle design, which makes it easier to assemble.


  1. Has a durable steel frame
  2. Offers six storage units
  3. Large work area
  4. Offers 18-month warranty

5.Storkcraft Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman

Storkcraft Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman

Here is another set from Storkcraft available in 6 wood colors and 4 fabric choices. It could be great for a family with a few children because it offers enough space. Most customers like the smooth glider with enclosed ball bearings to give the baby a gentle motion.

Apart from its smooth design, it comes with a spacious seat for the caregiver to fit comfortably, and still have plenty of room for the young one. The cozy lumbar pillow included offers extra support during your reading time and feeding.

The rocking chair has been designed to offer maximum comfort with padded arms and cushions to rest your arms. The fabric is quite plush and boasts durable microfibers that complement the strong wood to survive the test of time.

Unlike most craft furniture, the StorkCraft Custom Glider and Ottoman are easy to put together with little or no assistance. The included manual can help save you much time trying to figure out the process of assembly. It is also easy to clean, thanks to the removable cushions.

The matching ottoman adds convenience as it offers a place to elevate your legs and unwind before they go down for bed. Storkcraft added pockets on the sides to allow users to place baby books and other nitty-gritty close by.

It’s an excellent option if you need a baby glider that offers numerous choices of wood designs to fit your home décor.


  1. Reasonable price tag
  2. Easy-to-clean cushions
  3. Has arm pockets
  4. Numerous wood designs and fabric patterns

6.KidKraft Farmhouse Set

KidKraft Farmhouse Set

Featuring solid wood, the KidKraft farmhouse table, and chair set is the ideal choice for a family with multiple children. This is an excellent place for your kids to do their homework and play games without worrying about falling apart.

KidKraft is one of the few brands that make well-constructed and innovative furniture, so you can rest assured that this farmhouse will do the job effectively.

There are four chairs in this set, as well as plenty of table room, which allows your little ones to spread books and make crafts together. Children between three years to 8 years should find this set fun, as it sits about 19 inches high.

The assembly is easy with a manual that’s easy to understand with step-by-step instructions. Few users said that the bolt heads are exposed after assembly, which may hurt little fingers. However, you can easily add some paint or material to cover them.


  1. Offers a solid construction
  2. It’s spacious and high enough
  3. Easy to follow manual for the DIY enthusiast

7.KidKraft Girl's Uptown Dollhouse

KidKraft Girl's Uptown Dollhouse

Imagine on a hot summer day, and your little girl is trying to stay cool. Well, this new Barbie dollhouse comes with a pool to help your daughter beat the summer heat. Although the pool isn’t as huge, it’s large enough for a few Barbie dolls and can hold more water. This dollhouse offers a wider layout if you have several kids or if your girl gets company during playtime.

What stands out is the cute design that should appeal to your little one. Every room is well-lit and decorated with pink, which does well to offset the white-color accents. There is an elevator that gliders within the three floors, but if your daughter would rather use stairs, then she can use the staircase that connects the second-level office to a rooftop deck.

KidKraft Girls Uptown Dollhouse offers 35 pieces of furniture and accessories to keep your kid entertained. Most of them are made of wood, which helps boost the lifespan of the furniture. Every girl should be impressed by how interactive the furniture is, featuring lamps that spark and a toilet that makes a real flushing noise.

Overall, this is one of the best dollhouses with a pool and a huge space for your girl. It has three floors, with five rooms and two outdoor spaces. There are lots of furniture well-designed and numerous accessories to interact with, such as a ceiling fan, outdoor light, and flushing toilet.


  1. Offers a pool
  2. Has a huge space
  3. Lots of furniture and accessories

8.SD Studio Designs 2 piece Craft Table

SD Studio Designs 2 piece Craft Table

Whether you are a beginner or professional, having a drawing table is vital for all your drawing, drafting, writing, and painting needs. The SD Studio Designs table is spacious, with overall dimensions measuring 50” W by 29.5” H to accommodate all your equipment. The top can be adjusted from flat to 40 degrees to allow you to adjust sitting and standing positions as you create the next masterpiece.

The drafting table features high-grade steel construction and other durable materials that give the table enough strength to sustain the weight. The top is designed using a transparent blue/silver glass that looks elegant.

 Also, a see-through top is excellent for painters as it helps in drafting experience to the next level. The feet of this table has been rubberized to ensure a good grip and offer extra stability. To enhance convenience, three plastic slide-out drawers provide ample space for storage.

Furthermore, the desk comes with a pencil ledge to hold your papers and stationery in place when the desktop tilts. This is an ideal choice for office, studio, or any workspace, and the advantage is it doesn't take much space and is lightweight. Besides, it is excellent in both functionality and aesthetics.


  1. Large tabletop
  2. Has a sturdy build
  3. Has drawers and pencil ledge for convenient storage

9.KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

KidKraft Mansion

Just like the name suggests, the KidKraft Mansion is one of the biggest dollhouses you can get. It's built with large dolls in mind and comes with over 34 pieces of wooden furniture. The dollhouse stands over four and a half feet tall with an open-faced designed that’s four feet wide. It comes with everything your children need to become creative.

The Majestic Mansion has four stories and an elevator that makes gliding easier with then floors. It can accommodate large dolls of up to 12 inches tall, and the Barbie-sized toys can work as well. It boasts dimensions of 52 x 14 x 53.5 inches, making it ideal for three-year-olds as well as older ones as well. In other words, it is large enough for your child to grow and allow many children to play around.

Each of the eight rooms is beautifully painted to compliment the décor and give your kid many imaginations. For instance, the bathroom has a mirror wall and even a place to keep the soap. The bedroom is extremely cozy with a little place to sit and watch the sundown. It has a wardrobe, a table with flowers and a lamp and clothes. This dollhouse should give your children something to work on by customizing the spaces however they want.

Set up could be a concern for parents, especially those who don’t have much patience. The good news is you get step-by-step instructions to help you assemble the KidKraft Mansion Dollhouse effortlessly. All you need is to go through the instruction first and have a screwdriver at hand to get the job done.


  1. It’s made of wood for durability
  2. Budget-friendly for the size
  3. Appeals to a wide range of kids

10.Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman

best craft furniture

If you need the best-rated glider for a nursery at an affordable price, this one is a steal. It comes with a comfortable wide seat allows you to adjust positions when feeding your baby, and an ottoman to rest your feet. The glider is available in neutral colors of grey and white, which blends with most decors.

The fabric used is 100% polyester, which is soft and dries quickly after cleaning. The frame is made of real wood while the gliding mechanism has metal bearings for a smooth back-and-forth motion to soothe your baby to sleep.

Another great feature of this furniture is the storage pockets, which ensure you find a convenient place to put a few essentials such as toys, magazines, and books. The arms of the seat offer decent padding to provide extra comfort. However, a few users noted that the padding is a little thinner.

The cushions are removable, which makes cleaning a breeze. All you need is to remove them and clean them effortlessly without having to break your back lugging the entire chair. What's more, you can replace the cushions when they are worn-out.


  1. It’s durable
  2. Has convenient storage pockets
  3. Easy to clean

Now that we have reviewed craft furniture, let’s talk about how to buy the best craft furniture. This part is meant to help you make a quicker decision if you are still stuck between two or three choices.

Things To Consider Before Buying Guide Best Craft Furniture

Quality, features, and price are some of the key features you should consider when buying craft furniture. Even if you are on a budget, it still won’t mean that you pick the cheapest of the furniture. You need to pick the craft furniture for your money. Let’s discuss the things you should look into when buying craft furniture;

Furniture material and quality

The materials used to manufacture furniture plays a significant role in dictating its quality. How long you intend to use the piece of furniture and your frequency of using it dictates the quality of the furniture you should get. If you intend to use the furniture frequently, then you should get one made of quality materials.

For instance, furniture made from solid wood tends to be more durable than those of plastic. However, at the same time, they tend to be pricier.

Furniture materials like linen and cotton tend to resist pilling and fading and wool fabric can last for a long time and withstand regular use.

Other materials of furniture you can consider, especially if you are on a tight budget are acrylic, olefin, microfiber, and rayon. These synthetic materials make great upholstery. How a fabric is weaved can affect the quality of your furniture. Therefore, you should go for one that is double weaved.

We can recommend that you steer away from velvet. It could look great at first, but it can be difficult to maintain and clean.

You should also examine the hardware and stitching used before buying your piece. Chances are that if you notice any defect or problem, the quality of the whole piece is likely to be shoddy.

Leather furniture is the best in terms of quality, but they are extremely pricey. You should look for top-grain leather if you were to get leathercraft furniture.


Of course, you have to consider the price of the furniture. It is important to note that the price of a set of furniture doesn’t always correlate with its quality. The most important thing is to set your budget and then analyze furniture within your budget range.

You should not go for the lowest price when buying furniture. Even if the price doesn’t dictate quality, very low prices show that furniture is likely to be of low quality.

Furniture features

Remember that you will be interacting with your furniture now and then, which is why you should get a piece of furniture that matches your personality. Here are several things you can consider;

Color and finish

Sometimes different finishes and colors can make a big difference, which is why you should get furniture that has a color and finish that matches your interior décor. In most cases, you will find furniture brands having different colors for their furniture so that you can choose one that suits your needs.

Upholstery fabrics

A varying furniture pattern or fabric can completely transform the appearance of your piece of furniture, and some brands allow you to pick from different fabric options. Therefore, pick a fabric that has patterns and fabric that matches what you have at home.

frequently asked questions (FAQ) 

Is crafting furniture easy to assemble?

Crafting furniture is not as difficult to assemble but they aren’t difficult to assemble as many people think. This means you can generally take a shorter time to fix the furniture together after you get it. And if it calls for an extra hand, you can ask a friend to help you put it together.

Are crafting tables better than crafting desk?

Craft tables are way better than regular desks for crafters. This is because they are specifically designed for crafts and thus tend to have more storage areas for materials and crafting tools. Besides, they have extra storage bins for scraps.

These craft tables come with enough space to accommodate a sewing machine, essential equipment, and cutting machine.

Can a sewing machine fit in the storage portion in your crafting table?

Many pieces of crafting furniture come with cupboard spaces where you can fit in your sewing machine and craft supplies as well as equipment.

They are specifically designed for this purpose. Therefore, most of them tend to have a larger countertop to give you enough room for accommodating a sewing machine as well as your supplies.

Do crafting furniture take up a lot of space?

Crafting tables are generally spacious but that’s because crafts tend to require equipment such as sewing, die-cutting machine, cabbing, and much more. This means you need lots of space for work. Although they may take up a lot of space, this furniture is better at organizing your space better.

Final Thoughts

If you are reading this, congratulations. You made it to the end of our exhaustive guide. We hope that you have found the best craft furniture for your needs.

All the pieces of furniture in our list are quality and worth the money. Therefore, if you love crafts, pick any of the above 10 craft furniture and you will not be disappointed.

Happy crafting!