Best Clear Coat For Kitchen Cabinets:Top 5 Picks & Buyer’s Guide!

Imagine you recently made a grandiose repair in your apartment and, having put all the furniture in its place, you notice that the old kitchen cabinet does not fit into the overall picture of the room: it does not match in colour, the surface faded and cracked. Will you have to get rid of the cabinet?

Of course, you can try to buy a Best Clear Coat For Kitchen Cabinets,but you already spent money on repairs, and buying new furniture was not included in the estimate. Besides, there is no guarantee that you will find exactly what fits perfectly into the updated interior. There is an excellent solution to this problem - repaint the cabinet in a suitable colour!

But the major problem comes in choosing the nest coat for painting. Since there are many types of coats, you might be confused about which one to choose. Without tricks to follow, you can't be able to select the best that will make your kitchen cabinet look great.

Furthermore, you may be having little money which can't buy some costly coats. You don't have to worry anymore as today, and there are coats that are less expensive and serve well as finishes.

Choosing new furniture, we practically do not pay attention to the quality of coatings. But it depends on how long and comfortable we will use our new kitchen.

What do we always pay attention to when choosing a kitchen? Of course, the appearance of the facade and countertops. But it is the kitchen furniture like cabinets that is subject to both mechanical and chemical effects. That is why the coatings for the kitchen cabinet should be not only beautiful but also durable and super high quality.

What is the clear coat for kitchen cabinets?

The coat for kitchen cabinets is everything you have to think of if you want to make your cabinet match your entire abode. Even if you have the best wood for making your kitchen cabinet, a bad finish will automatically ruin the look of the finished cabinet. This will, in the long run, waste your efforts.

The clear coat for kitchen cabinets is the General Finishes Topcoat. It is the most known coat finish for wood finishes. Since it has various sheens, it is highly suitable for kitchen cabinets. The best thing with this type of coat is that it has the UV stabilizer, which does not allow UV rays from penetrating and breaking the cabinet.

The coat is highly durable and will make your kitchen cabinet serve you for a long time. Besides, the finish can't be affected by harsh conditions and scratches. Therefore, you don't need to worry about your kitchen cabinet being scratched by the utensils inside. It is not easily scratchable.

Quick Look:Top 5 Best Clear Coat For Kitchen Cabinets

Top 5 Best Clear Coat For Kitchen Cabinets

Comparison Table:


Product Name


Product Dimensions

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INSL-X CC550109A Cabinet Coat

INSL-X CC550109A Cabinet Coat 

10.41 pounds

8.8 x 8.8 x 9.1 inches

General Finishes Water Based Topcoat

General Finishes Water Based Topcoat

9.25 pounds

7.2 x 7.5 x 7.7 inches

Minwax 65555444 Finish Water Based

Minwax 65555444  Finish Water Based

2.25 pounds

4.3 x 4.9 x 4.9 inches

Watco 63041Clear Wood Finish

Watco 63041Clear Wood Finish

2.1 pounds

4.2 x 4.2 x 4.9 inches

Deft Interior Waterborne Clear

Deft Interior Waterborne Clear

2.33 pounds

4.2 x 4.2 x 4.9 inches

Top 5 Best clear coat for kitchen cabinets reviews & buyer's guide!

Many clear coats can be used for kitchen cabinets. If you are wondering which one to use, you can choose one of the below coats. Here are the top five best clear coat for kitchen cabinets:

Best Clear Coat For Kitchen Cabinets

This is one of the best clear coat for kitchen cabinets that are used in most of the furniture, mainly kitchen cabinets. This coat is very smooth, and when applied to your cabinet, it will have a smooth texture. Besides, it is also durable and can make your cabinet look impeccable for an extended period.

It gives a trim paint finish, which is a great look for any kitchen cabinet. Its adhesion is super, and as such, it can be easily applied on surfaces and stick accordingly. If your kitchen cabinet is hard and can't be applied the finish easily, the INSL-X CC550109A-01 Cabinet Coat Enamel is your way to go.

 It can be applied to a large area of approximately 350 - 450 square feet. It is advisable not to apply this coat when the temperature is below 10 ÂC and also if the temperature is above 32 ÂC.


  • Highly durable
  • Smooth texture
  • Super adhesion


  • Can't be applied when the temperature is below 10 ÂC and above 32 ÂC
General Finishes High-Performance Water Based Topcoat

This is also one of the best clear coat kitchen cabinets. It is one of the hardest coat and also durable. In the market today, the General Finishes topcoat is the best preferred since it is hard and also durables. Many people do prefer this finish, and it is great for your kitchen cabinet.

The best thing about this coat is that it is composed of a UV stabilizer. This helps in protecting it from harsh sun rays. Besides, it safeguards the stains from fading. It is one of the most known coat finish for wood finishes. Since it has various sheens, it is highly suitable for kitchen cabinets.

 It is highly durable. This is a good thing since when applied to your kitchen cabinet, it will stay for an extended period before it fades away. It is only intended for interior use. Thus, it can't be used in exterior furniture. Furthermore, it takes a few hours to dry. Approximately one to two hours.


  • Durable
  • Hard
  • Has UV stabilizer
  • Many sheens
  • It takes a few hours to dry


  • Intended for interior use only
Minwax 65555444 Polycrylic Protective Finish Water Based

This coat adds value to your cabinet. If you need the best clear product, Minwax 65555444 Polycrylic is here for you. It not only has a low odour but also is non-yellowing. Therefore, if applied, it will not smell bad, and this won't irritate you.

 Furthermore, it dries very fast when applied. Thus, if you need a coat that dries faster, this coat is the best choice. You won't wait for a long time waiting for it to dry, it will just dry immediately. Also, it can be easily cleaned with only water.


  • Fast drying
  • Low odour
  • Non-yellowing


  • It is not UV resistance
Best Clear Coat For Kitchen Cabinets

This is also the best coat you could ever have! Although it can be costly, its features are splendid. It is worth the cost. The best thing with this coat is that it can be used to cover all cracks, be it small or large.

If your kitchen cabinet is old and has cracks, this coat is the best to cover the cracks. It is both durable and provides a clear finish. Besides, it dries faster, and when applied, it can take 30 minutes to dry.


  • Durable
  • Durable
  • Crystal clear


  • Slightly costly
Deft Interior Waterborne Clear Wood Finish Semi

This is another best clear cost kitchen cabinet you will ever come across. It is a water-based finish and also highly durable. When applied, the cabinet will stay for a long time before getting destroyed.

 Besides, it has a low odour that cannot irritate you. Deft Interior DFT108/04 has long been in use and is still very popular. This is because it is water-based, durable and also available in a semi-gloss finish.


  • Highly durable
  • Water-based
  • Comes in semi-gloss finish
  • Dries faster
  • Low odour
  • Clear


  • Some chemical are not environment friendly

What to look for in the best clear coat for kitchen cabinets?

Applying a coat to complete furniture will be a great thing to do. More so on the kitchen cabinet. The coat will make the kitchen cabinet look new again. But most people do not know what to look for when choosing the kitchen cabinet coat.

This leads to them choosing a coat that is of poor quality, and when applied to the cabinet, it does not look quite good. Also, it does not resist harsh conditions.

You must put in mind some of the tips to look for in the best clear coat for kitchen cabinets. This will help you get the best coat ever! Here is What to look for in the best clear coat for kitchen cabinets:

High Resistance To Abrasions

This is one of the things to look for in some clear coat kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets usually store sharp and metallic objects like knives, spoon and many more. These utensils can scratch your cabinet from time to time. And if the kind of coat used in not resistant to abrasions, it is likely to be ruined by the utensils.

Thus, you should look for a coat that is resistant to abrasions. If you choose such a coat, your cabinet is likely to appear new for a long time. The coat should also be able to withstand harsh conditions like moisture and heat.


Ensure that you choose a durable coat. This will make the kitchen cabinets remain new, and you won't apply the finish frequently.


This is also one of the major things to consider. You can't go for a coat that is not in your budget range. Some coats are expensive, while others are pocket friendly. It all depends on your budget. If you wish to go for a cheap or expensive one, it all depends on you.

 But, the results will be splendid for any coat you choose. Therefore, considering the price is also important as you look for the coat for a kitchen cabinet. Ensure that you budget yourself effectively.

Buyer's Guide!

To transform your kitchen cabinet, you do not need significant investments, just buy a kitchen cabinet coat. To apply that coat is not a hard thing as long as you know the basics.

Many people are being faced with the issue of purchasing the right coat for the kitchen cabinet. Are you in a dilemma about which coat to buy for your kitchen cabinet? Don't be, because, here is a guide to aid you in getting the right coat:

The Durability of The Coat

Ensure that you choose the kind of coat that is durable. Not all of them are durable, so you need to consider buying the best coat that, when applied, will last for a long time.

Colour Choice

So, if you decide to repaint the kitchen cabinet and decide what colour it will be, be prepared for the fact that you have to change the textiles on the windows and the upholstery of upholstered furniture.

You can choose one or several colours, which is becoming very popular, it is essential that the colour scheme matches the overall kitchen interior. Anyone who has a taste, it will be simple to choose, but for beginners, it will be a little complicated.

Neutral solution. This includes all varieties of beige, as well as brown, black, grey and white. All you need to do is just combine the dark colours carefully. The most common option: you can paint the upper cabinets with a light colour, the lower ones with a dark. This combination is more suitable for classic interiors.

It is important to remember that it is better not to combine only dark or only light colours. Do not forget about bright colours. So, black can be combined with red, light green, mint, pink, beige, white with blue, lilac, blue, beige with red, lilac with a cappuccino, burgundy with cream, white, wood, etc.

 Two bright or two neutral colours are an interesting option; here, you must rely on your taste. No less interesting will be the theme of vegetables and fruits.

Want to have an original interior, combine contrasting colours?. Then yellow with lilac, orange with blue, blue with red or pink. For a calmer environment - orange with red or yellow, green with yellow or blue with green.

Today, the use of several coat colours at the same time has spread. For example, a colourful detail can be "diluted" with two calm shades. You can use your colour for each individual facade - your kitchen will be in retro style. The main thing is a competent approach, and simple colouring will give a new life to the old headset.

Coat Selection

Today in stores, you can see a huge assortment of coat colours. But not all are suitable for kitchen cabinets. Do not use a water emulsion and oil paint - they will unevenly leak. Acrylic paint is also not recommended - it will not tolerate moisture and various cleaning substances.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Choose a Paint?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the technical specifications of the paintwork. There must be indicated the permissible conditions of use, the requirements for the surface on which the substance is applied.

 Pay attention to the recommendations on the tool, which optimally apply the paint. Since any process of surface painting is most often a complex event, try to select products for putty, primer and coating of one company, it will be easier to avoid product incompatibility.

What are The Principles of Marking Domestic Paints and Varnishes?

Firstly, you need to pay attention to the name LKM - paint, enamel, etc. Secondly, you need to pay attention to the two-letter index. It indicates the astringent component of the paint. Thirdly, the numbers after the hyphen indicate the purpose of the paint, the development number.

 Unfortunately, some manufacturers prefer to label their products in a Western manner, without indicating the above important parameters, but you can always check them with our specialists.

How Can I Determine The Degree of Water Resistance of Coatings?

Water-resistance test - similar to checking paint for resistance to washing. The difference lies in the fact that the painted material is previously exposed to moisture for a certain time period. Of the paints diluted with water, the waterproof composition is noted for resistance to abrasion and washing. Withstands over 10 thousand brush passes.

What is The Difference Between Water-Based Paint and Oil?

After drying, oil paint forms a thicker, wear-resistant, a film that can withstand high loads. Designed for colouring floors, stairs, furniture, metal objects. Oil paints can dry from 4 to 24 hours (depending on the manufacturer). The solvent for oil paints is white spirit or water (it is

necessary to consult with the manager).

How To Determine What Degree of Gloss is Needed?

It depends on two factors: your aesthetic preferences (or compliance with the design project) and the operational load of the room. Gloss paints from 5% are suitable for wet cleaning. But damp cleaning, in any case, should be delicate, without abrasive and aggressive detergents.

After How Many Days Can a Painted Surface Be Washed With a Wet Rag?

The paint continues to gain strength for two weeks after staining, so the longer the waiting time, the better.


Coats play a pivotal role as they make surfaces new and shiny. This is the same as the coats for kitchen cabinets. The best clear coats for kitchen cabinets help much in keeping the kitchen cabinets look great. 

Since there are many types of coats for kitchen cabinets, choosing which one to use becomes a hard thing for many people. But, with the tips above, you will be able to choose the best according to your preference.

The above are the best clear coats for kitchen cabinets you can ever come across. After going through each of them, you will be able to choose the one that suits you.