Top 10 Arts and Crafts Bedroom Furniture

Arts and crafts bedroom furniture means classic designable furniture which is made of oak or cherry woods. This furniture is been using for 300 years and still, it has an incredible interest in the market.

Those people who like vintage and archetypal furniture this is the perfect article for them. I gather some important questions on this topic and some best antique bedroom furniture for you; below.

Top 10 arts and crafts bedroom furniture

From the 18th-19th -century arts and crafts furniture are been used by the British Empire. Not only this furniture is elegant and authentic but also these are pretty classic furniture.

As now it becomes a trend to use arts and crafts furniture in the bedroom. For this reason, this wooden furniture has huge demands in the market.

Some people purchase these substances for their classical fashion and some people choose it for history. You mightn’t have any idea about how these furniture look. That’s why I arranged the top and 10 best crafts bedroom furniture.

Slat bed

A slat bed can perfectly arrange your whole bedroom with superior looks. Basically, there has 3 types of bed sizes are available such as full, king, queen. In every single bed’s footboard size is 39-inches height.

Solid quarter sawn white oak construction with 4 hardwood materials means this the most durable one to use. Also, metal is adjusted so it can take heavyweight and load.


We both know how a dresser maintains our clothes. Without it, keeping our dresses could be more disgusted. Like others, cherry and oak wood are available separately for you.

Overall, demission it has 65-inches width x 19-inches depth x 35-inches height. The drawer interior has enough space to keep high amounts of clothes.

Gentlemen Chest

One of the 19ths antique arts & crafts bedroom furniture it is. Especially, this man’s furniture will look very special in your room.

It has lots of drawers for specific dress and accessories. Overall demission it has about 38-inches weight x 22-inches depth x 57-inches height. Its construction is as stable and best as a man’s furniture.


A nightstand is one of the common furniture in our bedroom. In every single bedroom, you will find 1 or 2 nightstands. The majority numbers of nightstands come with classic looks that’s why you should choose this one.

Two types of nightstands are available for you 1 drawer and 3 drawers. The demission of it is 24-inches weight x 19-inches depth x 27-inches height.

Bookcase with door

From the 18ths century; a bookshelf with a door is one of the most wanted furniture in every room. If you are a classic minded guy definitely you must have a bookcase with a door.

Not only it will bring classic fashion to your bedroom but also your old parents will love it. Its construction is pretty amazing and the demission is 38-inches weight x 16-inches depth x 67-inches height. Overall, it will fit any place in your bedroom effortlessly.

Round end table

If you ever visited your grandfather’s home or an older relative’s home normally you will saw a round end table. In these days, it becomes a trendiest table, and most of the coffee shop hosts this round end table. The proper demission it has is 26-inches round figure x 27-inches height.

Coffee table

Most of the old or classic coffee shops arrange their shops with a 19ths coffee table. It will look flawless if you keep a coffee table in your bedroom. When you will seat behind it during your rest time you can feel your memories with a mug of a coffee.

Dining table

Nowadays people provide more priority to the dining table instead of the modern dining table. If you want to make your dining room with antique furniture then you must have this arts and craft dining table.


You and your lover mostly spend your time in the bedroom than others. A loveseat is a place where you can sit for a whole day with your beloved person. Plush cushions and combined with the curves feature makes it more worthy. Two people can seat in this loveseat comfortably and cherry, oak both types of woods are available.


With Quarter sawn oak or cherry, this is one of the oldest model mirrors. You might have seen it in your grandmother’s home or any old man’s house.

A grandly scaled and rounded shape will be suitable at any type of bedroom. Cherry and Oak both types of woods are enabled in this mirror design.

Where I can find this bedroom furniture?

Finding this bedroom furniture is quite easier. There have lots of wooden shops and they made various types of art and crafts bedroom furniture.

You purchase these from Mission Motif, Stickley furniture, Dutch crafts collection, Michaels, art craft collection, and more. If you haven’t these shops near you then you can go for online stores such as Amazon, Walmart.

What is the price of a slat bed?

Well, slat bed is a classic bed, everyone wants to have one. The design, its durability, authentic woods, finishing are pretty favorable to purchase. The slat bed is a little bit expensive to buy but not too expensive.

A slat bed could cost you 2000$ – 2600$ approximately. If you want to purchase an old one then probably it could cost you 1000$-1500$.

Are the dining table and coffee table are same?

Of course not, the dining table is larger than the coffee table. In a dining table, it can fit a whole family whereas most of the coffee table made for 2 people.

Talk about their prices there has huge differences between them. A Coffee table will cost you 1000$ but a dining table will cost you 1600$-1800$.

Final Verdict

Overall, I really enjoyed while writing this article about arts and crafts bedroom furniture. It makes me feel very memorable and completely it took me to my old memories.

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